What Would Jamie Wear: Bags

Well, this wraps up our What Would Jamie Wear week.  Though sad, we are ending on a great note that may inspire some of you to do a little shopping this weekend.  The bags I like to carry are on the larger side, most of my bag purchases come from Anthropologie, well I should say most of my bags come from my mother who enjoys shopping at Anthropologie and is very generous!

There are so many choices from satchels, to hobos, totes, clutches and more.  Here are a few of my favorite from the four categories above.

Satchel: This type of bag is mostly meant to be carried in your hand but they can come with a long strap so you can carry it on your shoulder or across your chest.  {Satchel below is by Steven}

Hobo: This type of bag can have a slouchy style and is in a sort of U-shape, it is meant to be worn on your shoulder {Hobo below is Kenneth Cole}

Tote: A tote bag is also meant to be worn on your shoulder and comes in many sizes (Tote below is by Fossil}

Clutch:  This bag is much smaller than the rest of the styles listed and is very common as an accessory when you are going out or celebrating a special occassion {This clutch is by Big Bhudda}

What is yoru favorite style?

See you swoon,

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