What I Wore {post 64}

Friday! This was a fun week with a bunch of snow and a lot of cold temps on the way.  I like weekends (um, of course) in general, but in particular because in the Winter I can wear my super soft Uggs.  Yay.  Here are some non-Ugg outfits.  

* Skinny Jeans, Black Top, White Striped Scarf *

I wore this out to dinner with Amy on a super cold night.  I wore my favorite skinny jeans (the jegging style by American Eagle) with a black v-neck top and a brand new white/cream/sparkle scarf that was a gift from Loft, from my work assistant.  I liked the outfit.

* Orange Cardigan, Multi Colored Top, Navy Pencil Skirt *

The top was the inspiration for this outfit.  I was in Target (LOL! of course! like every weekend!) and decided to check out the women's clothes.  I found this printed top and fell in love and could not walk away, especially for $20.  I threw it in my cart and took it home with my other Target treasures.  I wore it with my navy pencil skirt (Banana Republic) and orange cardigan (Banana Republic outlet).  I also wore my chunky gold necklace.  I think it would have looked better with a darker brown leather heel.  That's on my list of something to get soon!

* Black & White Optic Print Wrap Dress *

I found this sucker at an after-Christmas clearance sale online at Banana Republic.  I think I paid about $30 for it.  I liked the print and figured it would be either really cool or really awful when I got it.  Thankfully it was really cool.  This dress doesn't need much: just boots or heels and a necklace and that's it.  The print is very me me me look at me! 

Ahh, another week in the books.  See you on the other side of January. It's February next week, ya'll!

See you swoon,

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