What I Wore {post 60}

Happy New Year!  Happy 2015!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday ringing in a new year with the ones you love.  I have a slew of resolutions for 2015 that I will share next week, along with a recap of my races and training from 2014.  But today ... today is all about the clothes. A long over due What I Wore!  Happy Friday :)

* Blue Printed Sweater & White Mini *

So I found this sweater at Talbot's of all places.  I am not usually a Talbot's girl - the clothes are a bit too formal for me.  But now and again I can find something that I love.  This sweater was one of those things.  I dressed it down with a white wool mini from j.crew factory and my tall riding boots.

* Wine Cardigan, Black Dress, Dalmatian Belt *

Not *real* Dalmatian (I'm not Cruella DeVille).  This was a pretty easy outfit: my simple black sheath dress (Banana Republic outlet), wine cardigan (old Banana Republic) and black flats.  You know I love heels, but I try to wear flats a few days per week, given all the running I do on a regular basis.  The belt is a find from the Banana outlet.  I love it.

* Blue & White Striped Dress & Stem Green Cardigan *

Wow - looking back at these outfits, I was clearly on a cardigan kick.  This is one of my favorite dresses ever - a find from Anthropologie from a few summers ago.  The remarkable thing about this dress, apart from how much I adore it, is that I paid full price for it.  I rarely do that, but in this case I loved the dress so much that I had to have it there.  It was late Fall, so I wore the summery dress with my stem green cardigan (from Banana Republic outlet) and my brown riding bots and brown belt. 

There you go! Three outfits to ring in the new year.  Enjoy your weekend and see you back here on Monday! 

See you swoon,


  1. Ooh I think that first outfit is my fav outfit you've posted yet! LOVE that skirt!

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