2015 Home Resolutions

Hello and good morning!  

Last week I posted my recap of my 2014 home resolutions.  And as promised, here's my list of what's on tap for 2015.  Most of the list involves finishing up those loose ends from the year before.  

1.  Finish the Playroom

While I got a ton accomplished in 2014, there is still some work to do.  I need to hang art on the wall, paint furniture and just put those last little finishing touches on the space.  I should really I go bold and paint the furniture first and foremost.  That's the biggest bear in the room and I want to take care of it first.

2.  Work on Big Kid's Room

Poor Big Kid.  He has the smallest bedroom.  I felt really bad when I moved in because of the three bedrooms, his was by far the littlest one.  I've done my best to make it special for him.  But now that he's getting bigger, we need to make some changes to his space.  I need to bring in some more storage, we need to go through his books because some are too young for him and we need to do a little decorating and organizing.  He wants a desk, so I think I will make one out of a large shelf and brackets for him.  Since his room is so little on space, I don't want to buy a tiny desk for this room, especially given my plans to move in the relative near term.

3.  Paint Dining Room Table

This one has been on the list for a long time and this year I will do it.  I am definitely painting the legs white.  I'd like to strip the finish on the top and refinish it.  I am going to test it out with the table leaf first.  Worst case: I paint the whole thing white and distress it.

4.  Tweak the Half Bath & Master Bath

There isn't much left to do in the half bath.  I added new art and accessories.  I'd really like to add a few more, including a new hand towel, and possibly a removable frame for the mirror.  

The Master Bath is in pretty good shape.  There are some cracks in the wall though and I'm noticing some wallpaper glue that has sort of bubbled up under the paint (recall the room used to be swathed in horrendous wallpaper that I removed).  So I might want to address those things.  I am also toying with the idea of adding a shelf over the tub. 

5.  Organize Storage Room - labels

I made a huge push last year to organize and tidy up my storage room downstairs.  All that's left to do is to add labels to the different bins and drawers.  Yay.

6.  Paint Kitchen

This one has gone off and on my list a few times.  It's back on.  I really think adding a deep moody grey (Sherwin Williams Peppercorn) will make such a huge difference in my kitchen.  But I am mindful that I am renting and my time here is somewhat limited.  

7.  Restain Banisters

I kind of hate the handrails/banisters in my house.  They scream 1980s.  I was thinking if I strip the wood and stain them either a dark walnut or a lighter color that it might make them seem a bit more  current.

8.  Organize Kitchen Cabinets

About half of my kitchen cabinets are beautifully organized.  The other half are just OK and could be better.  So I want to take those "OK" cabinets and make them beautiful.  

9. Paint Laundry Room Closet

Eh ... I'm still not sold on this, but I like the concept so it's back on the list.  The laundry closet would be so cute in a fun color.  But painting around the machines and shelves would not be fun.

10.  Redo Living Room Shelves

I painted the backs of my living room shelves a lovely coral color.  Now that I've gone with a softer palate in that space, the coral isn't working.  I would like to get some grasscloth and cover foam board with it and use that on the backs of the bookshelves.  Or maybe use a dark grey instead.  

11.  Organize Little Kid's Room

I made a huge push in Little Kid's room last year.  It's in pretty good shape, but I want to go through her toys (with her, of course) and cull through things she no longer plays with and work on storage for the things that she does.  I have a little upholstered bench that used to be in my living room that I'd like to recover in her headboard fabric and add to the foot of her bed.

12. Finally ... Redo the Blog!

Yes!  I plan to do a major blog redesign in 2015.  We are talking almost total control-alt-delete and a new look and feel and everything!  I have started the process, but I doubt it will be live for a few months.  I cannot wait.  

What about you? Do you have any home goals for this new year? Let's swap lists and resolutions!

See you swoon,


  1. Ooh love all of these! That is amazing that your landlord lets you paint and tackle some bigger projects. (Granted, you are making it so much more beautiful, they should be THANKING you and paying you hehe!) Also can't wait to see your new blog! So fun :)

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