Organizing the Workshop & Storage Space


I am just rolling through my 2015 Home Resolution list like a runaway freight train!  Up today is a little project I tackled over the long weekend: putting the finishing touches on my workshop/storage room in the house.  

Back in the early Fall, I finally organized my three storage spaces in my house - the outdoor closets and my huge downstairs storage room (which was the room that needed it most of all).  I did the lions share of the work back then, but knew I had some final details to attend to - namely, to label all of the drawers and bins so that I could easily find what I was searching for when it was project or decorating time.

Here's how the room looked before I started:

As you can see, I have managed to keep it neat and organized since September.  I bought a Christmas tree bag for my tree, which is a lot larger than the original box it came in and in which I stored the tree before. The box was shot, so I had to toss it.  I've also brought in the outdoor furniture, so that's taking up some floor space.  It will all go back outside in the Spring.

I am in love with how organized and tidy this room is.  But it needed a little more.  I wanted to label all of the bins and drawers so that I could quickly and easily find exactly what I was looking for.  And because it's me and my room and I am a little OCD about these things, I wanted those labels to be kind of pretty.  My storage containers are mostly red, so in order to stick with that, I bought some red labels from Paper Source.   

I first made a list of the contents of every drawer and bin so I could make the appropriate label.  Once I had my list, I took the labels to my printer and printed them out.  I used Helvetica font for the labels.  I wanted something easy to read, but also easy on the eyes.  You know I am a font snob.

Unfortunately, I didn't count the number of bins when I bought my labels, and I fell way short.  As in I could only do half the room.  Meh!  Lucky for me, I live super close to a Paper Source (danger) so I will just run out soon and buy a few more packs to finish off the space.  Anyhow, labels on and ... here are the (even more) organized bins and drawers now!

For the plastic bins and drawers, it was easy enough to stick the label right on the front.  But for the mesh drawers, I used On Command to fasten the label to the drawers.  I stuck the label on a piece of card stock and then affixed it that way.

This space is almost done!  I would love to paint the floor and the walls/pegboard, but I doubt I will get around to that.  I've got a lot of other projects in the house to attend to first.  

Have a great day and a great week! 

See you swoon,

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