What I Wore {post 65}

Yikes ... sorry for the quiet blog this week.  I just didn't have a spare moment last weekend and this week to blog about my training or house projects (and there is stuff to share! lots!).  I will get those posts up next week for sure.

Anyway.  Whew.  We made it!  Week 1 of February is done.  Even though it's the shortest month, February is always a very rough ride.  Always has been.  Just a handful of weeks to go and it's March, which is practically Spring!  

* Blue Printed Dress *

I got this at an Anthropologie after-Christmas clearance.  I can't remember the price ... but I think it was around $50, which is a pretty good deal for Anthro.  I actually had a store credit, so it was free!  I loved the cut and the fit.  The back is a bit low, so I had to wear a black cardigan at work.

* Black Sweater, Multi-Colored Tweed Skirt, Pink Scarf *

This was a fun outfit to put together.  I pulled the tweed skirt (Banana, last year) out of my closet and pulled the outfit together from that.  I wore my black fitted sweater, black tights, brown flat boots and a bright pink scarf.

* Cream Sweater & Skinny Jeans *

This was a casual lunch out ... I wore a cream v-neck (front and back) sweater that I picked up on sale at the Limited in the Fall for a steal with a cream cami and my favorite skinny jeans.  The sweater is on the sheer side, so a cami was a must.  And ... haircut time.  Wow. 

Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday.

See you swoon,

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