2015 Training Recap: weeks 3-4

Hello! Happy Monday! Happy gonna get some snow day!  

So, the past few weeks have been rough, only because of the weather.  I mostly kept to my training plan but had some bumps along the way.  Winter training is just a tough slog ... you not only have to figure out how you'll fit your workout in in your schedule, but you also have to contend with conditions: snow, ice, wind, cold.  [insert horizontal smile here].  But like the post office, "neither snow, nor rain, nor heat [ha ha ha], nor gloom of night", stays this runner from swift completion of her appointed workout.

I apologize for the lack of post workout selfies.  I did my best.  And I promise I will take more.  I know.  You're like this cat.

Jan. 12-18:  3:59:09 hours

Swim: 0 hours/miles
Bike:  0 hours/miles
Run: 3:59:09 hours/25.4 miles

Yah. This week was a pattern that I'm getting used to: Monday-easy 30 minute run; Tuesday-walk and run; Wednesday-speedwork; Thursday-rest/swim/bike; Friday-long run; Saturday-rest/swim/bike; Sunday: longish run with speedy intervals.

I ended up taking rest days on both Thursday and Saturday, which I don't like to do at all. The weather was a variable, as was my kid and work schedule.  Just not easy to fit it all in.  

Sunday's run was in my hometown.  It was a rainy, soggy mess, but I got it done! Look at this ...

1991 gas prices aside, this was the weather on my run.  8 miles in the rain! I did it!  Nothing makes me feel more badass than a hard run in the rain. 

Jan. 19-25: 4:28:46 hours

Swim: 40:15 minutes/1800 yards
Bike: 30 min (on trainer)
Run: 3:18:30 hours/22.1 miles

My workouts this week were the same as the week before.  I had to work late on Tuesday, so I took an unintended (and much anger-inducing) rest day.  So for Thursday I biked and Saturday I made sure to swim.  I actually asked my coach to schedule a day of swimming for me, so I would be sure to do it.  

Wednesday's track day was a bust.  Because the track was iced over.  So I stomped on the track, called it a bad name, and drove myself to the Y where I did my speedwork on the treadmill.  Gotta do what I gotta do.  I ended up switching my Friday long run with my Sunday run/speedwork because I was at a conference for work.  See how exciting?

Unfortunately, I had to cut the Friday treadmill at the hotel workout short because the hotel bed was HORRIFIC (all caps) and jacked up my neck and back.  But by Sunday, I rallied and ran an amazingly wonderful 11.5 mile run with a 8:51 average pace.  Yes!  

Austin Half Marathon is just a few weeks away.  I can't wait! Yee haw! 

See you swoon,

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