Recap of 2014 Home Resolutions - What I Accomplished

I love this time of year!  The cozy warmth of Christmas is still hanging on, the new year is right around the corner, and the doldrums of Winter haven't quite arrived yet.  I always make resolutions for myself and for my home.  I will continue this tradition on the blog next week when I will share what's on tap for 2015 for me.  But today I want to recap how I made out with my 2014 Home Resolutions.  

1. Blue bathroom - amount completed: 200%!

Done!  All I had to do was to take out the broken shower doors and replace them with a curtain. I did this and it looked great.  I also redecorated the space and brought in some pops of red, pink and other bright colors (and lots of white) to minimize the blue fixtures.  I really love how this room turned out.   Here's the post about everything.  

2. Master bedroom - amount completed: 100%

Done!  My plan for my room was to finish it up: hang pictures, hang a mirror, make it feel like a more finished space, refinish my jewelry box and hang something over the television.  I got it all done.  

3. Playroom - amount completed: 80%

I got the big stuff done - organized the space, made TV and play zones, organized the toys and kept it that way.  When the weather got warmer (and Ironman training got more intense), I ran out of steam and interest in working in the playroom.  So I still have a few things left to do, and those things are on my 2015 resolution list.  But here's the space.  

4. Laundry closet - amount completed:  95%

The little things make such a difference! I love my little laundry room closet.  I posted about what I've done to get it in shape.  I am toying with the idea of painting the walls and adding some art.  

5. Basement Storage Room - amount completed: 90%

After Ironman, I kicked this room's butt and took its name.  It took an entire weekend, but I cleaned up and organized this space and now I absolutely love it.  I want to take advantage of the Winter weather and finish up the room by labeling the bins and drawers for even more glorious OCD organization.  I have the labels ready to go.  I can't wait to do this!  I'm also toying with the idea of painting the walls and floor ... but that isn't likely to happen.

6. Little Kid's room and closet - amount completed: 100%

Done done done!  Little Kid's room is done!  I have a few minor tweaks to make to the space, but that's normal for me.  Here's the post where I revealed most of the work I did in Little's room.

7. Stairwell  - amount completed: 100%

And once again, I amaze myself with the power of art on the walls.  Adding a ton of framed art, photos and prints to my stairwell has made my formerly cavernous stairwell feel cozy and homey.  It has also minimized the ugliness of the current wall color. I love it.

8. Half Bath  - amount completed: 65%

I wanted to refresh my half bath.  I've gotten a good start.  I brought in a little stool/table that I painted white and gold.  I also changed up the artwork in here - I bought a new print for the wall in  happy coral and yellow colors.  All that's left is to add some more accessories and a new hand towel and possibly create a removable frame for the builder-basic mirror.

9.  Dining Room  - amount completed: 90%

The dining room is looking good!  I have done a bunch of little tweaks and added a bunch of new art, which really finishes off the space.   All that's left is to refinish/paint my dining room table.  That's top o' the list for 2015.  I'd love to add a natural fiber rug under the table too (to minimize the grey carpet).  That's a maybe.

10. Painting Projects  - amount completed: 90%

On my list of furniture to paint was: Big Kid's Rast nightstand (done), Little Kid's and my mirrors (done), bathroom stool and kitchen stool (done), my jewelry box (done) and dining room table (not done - see above).  Well done me!

11. Paint the House  - amount completed: 0.00%

Yeah, this is a big LOL.  I've decided to take this one off the list.  It would take forever, and now that I've redone the stairwell and added art throughout my home, I don't feel the overwhelming need to paint the whole place.  I'm also not sure how much longer I will stay here, so I don't want to waste my time.

So hey hey - there you go!  I am super pleased with my progress in 2014, especially since a little thing called Ironman took up a crazy amount of time.

Stay tuned for what's on tap for 2015! And happy new year to you!  

See you swoon,


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