Master Bedroom: Filling the Blank Space over the TV

Hello and good morning!  If the devil is in the details, as they say, then this post is all about the devil.  muuuu hahahahahaha.    I found some great prints for my bedroom TV wall and hung them up.  woo hoo.

I pretty much finished up my bedroom earlier this year, and I blogged about it here and also in my new years resolution update post.  All that was left was to (1) paint my jewelry box and (2) hang something above the TV.  I tackled the latter.

Here's a shot of the wall when I started:

I wanted something simple up there, and I even debated whether it was necessary to put anything up at all.  The more I lived with it, the more I thought, yes, something needs to go up on that wall.  I went through a few options in my head:

Option A: framed prints - this seemed to make the most sense, but the hard part would be finding exactly what I wanted.  I didn't want photos. I wanted some kind of art or print.  Something like this look:

* via
Option B: magnetic flowers - I've seen these magnetic flower things on blogs and Pinterest, and I thought they might work (without the inspirational saying as pictured below). In the end I think they're a little too juvenile for me.  Little, on the other hand, would love them:

* image via *
Option C: vintage looking oar - Jamie and I saw some oars at a cute little shop down the shore a few years ago and loved them.  I thought one of those would fill the space nicely, but ultimately, I ruled it out.  I didn't think an oar made sense in my bedroom.

* image via Pottery Barn Kids *
Option D: mirror - I love this look but I already have mirrors over my bed.  And a mirror on the wall next to my jewelry box and little light blue chest.  I thought that was mirror overkill.  But this looks nice:

* Image via Thrifty Decor Chick *
So Option A it was.  I thought 8x10 prints would be the best size, so when I was recently at Ikea, I picked up a couple of frames that would hold them.  Then came the hard part: deciding what prints to put in the frames. I trolled Etsy and went back to a seller that I love and from whom I've purchased art in the past: Judy Stalus.  I love her ethereal floral prints and thought two of them would look great in this space. She has so many that would work and in the end I decided on the close-ups of some pink peonies on blue background:

There were a few sepia or black and white prints that I liked too, but I thought that wall needed a little something, and pink was it.  My room is very feminine, so I wanted to go "all in" with that.  What's more feminine than pink peonies?  Here are the prints on the wall:

I love it!  And a particular shout out to Judy Stalus: I ordered the two 8x10 prints and did not realize that if you purchase two prints, she has a special price for those and it's less money.  She promptly contacted me after I paid and told me I overpaid and she was refunding some of my money.  So nice!  

So all that's left is that jewelry box.  I bought new knobs for the drawers (from Etsy of course!) and now I just have to paint it.  I need to get myself over to Home Depot so I can try their own brand of chalk paint that I'm seeing all over blog land, including on the Home Depot's own blog.  Once I do that, my bedroom will be done for awhile.  

See you swoon,

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