IMLP Training Recap: Week 22 [Lake Placid!]

Happy Monday!

I am back from a little Spring Break training up in Lake Placid.  Amy, Bill and I went up with our kids (who were off from school) and decided to make a little training stint out of it.  Recall what I said at the end of last week's IMLP Training Recap:

Stay tuned for next week's Placid recap.  I can handle wind, rain, and cold.  Just please.  For the love of God: no snow.

That was a bit of foreshadowing, I suppose.  We ended up dealing with all of those things: wind, rain, cold, snow and one extra: ice!  Woo hoo!!!!  We had to shift the schedule around and roll with things on the fly (which you know is very difficult for me to do).  But ultimately, it was a really good trip.  We got in all of our workouts and we really, really, biked that course.  I'll do a separate, longer post on the Placid trip later this week.

But for now, here's the recap ... with just 96 days until the race:

Week 22: 12:21:34 hours

Swam: 1:54 hours (5200 yards)
Biked:  8:26 hours (111 miles -- all outside!)
Ran:  1:57 hours (12.8 miles)

Workouts (workouts in Lake Placid bolded):

Monday:  swim
Tuesday: long run
Wednesday: bike
Thursday: long bike
Friday:  brick
Saturday: long swim
Sunday: REST DAY!!

My Monday swim was pretty standard: a mix of endurance and some speedwork, which took about an hour to complete.

Tuesday morning we headed up to Lake Placid.  Our coach had Amy and I doing our workouts together and Bill doing his solo. This was per our request so we would take turns with the kids.  Initially, Amy and I were supposed to do a brick on Tuesday, a long bike (two loops of the bike course) on Wednesday, a brick on Thursday and a long run on Friday.  It was pouring and cold when we got up there on Tuesday, and we knew a brick wasn't safe.  So we decided to do our long run instead.  We ran the Ironman run course, but had to turn around a bit earlier than planned because the road was flooded out from all the heavy rain.  We considered tacking on another 2-3 in town, but it started sleeting (?!!?) and we called it a day.  Here's what greeted us when we arrived in Lake Placid:


Wednesday.  Wednesday was to be our long bike ride, but once again, the weather threw a wrench into the plans with snow on Tuesday night and very cold (i.e., freezing) temps on Wednesday morning.  Snow and ice covered roads = no bike. So we moved things around. By the afternoon, the roads had cleared so Amy and I did an hour on the bike.  We knew the road conditions at the end of the bike course were the best, so we biked there.  It was a great idea to get on the bike, since this was our first time biking outside since the Fall!  We were planning to do two loops of the bike course (without the out and backs) on Thursday.  Wednesday ended up being a gorgeous, if cold, clear day.

From the top of Little Whiteface Mountain - that is Lake Placid (photo courtesy of Amy)
Thursday was the big long bike.  It was, again, freezing.  Literally.  But we came to bike this course and that's what we did.  It took over 6 hours, but we biked 85 miles of the course.  It was a challenge (honestly, equal parts mental and physical for me) but I also walked away feeling like with some more time in the saddle, I can overcome those challenges.

On Friday Amy and I did a brick: we biked the same route as on Tuesday and then went back to the hotel and quickly changed gear and went out for a run around (a very frozen) Mirror Lake.  The brick felt great and was what I needed to bump my kind of shaken confidence from the ride the day before.

Saturday I had an easy, long swim! It was 3200 yards - 500 yard warm up and then 4x600 for the main set -- all easy pace.  I loved this.  I could just swim and not pay attention to my watch at all.  It felt so good to be in the water.  I worked a little on sighting, as my first tri of the season is coming up in just two weeks!

Sunday - rest day!!!!  I rested.  I am good at resting.

Stay tuned for a fuller recap on Wednesday.  Have a great week!

See you swoon,

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  1. Ugh...not the best time to be training in LP. Weather is such a crap-shoot this time of year. You should have taken ice skates and skated the swim course! ;)