IMLP Training Recap: Week 23

Happy Monday!  This weekend was a blur.  I had my son's First Communion, a wedding, my son's birthday party, a 30 minute run, a 60 minute bike and a 60 mile bike.  Yes, miles.  Eek.

This past week was the first time in a long while that a workout was sacrificed to that crazy thing called life.  I was supposed to swim on Tuesday, but I could not fit it in, as I had a huge project at work and then in the afternoon, I had Big's birthday and baseball practice.  So I couldn't do the swim.  Instead, I decided to ride my bike for an hour or so ... and it's a good thing I did because as I set to calibrate my power meter, nothing happened. I realized that the battery was dead.  Luckily, I had a battery on hand but by the time I figured it all out, it was too late to ride.  So I had an accidental rest day.  My coach was cool with it - I had told him that Tuesday was going to be tough.  He said do your best, if you have to rest, no biggie.  I let myself off the hook and figured if he was ok with a rest day, so was I.  But ... ugh.  I hate missing a workout.

I should add that Amy and Bill had a race - their first tri of the season. It was a local sprint tri and they crushed it! Amy came in 1st in her age group and Bill was 2nd in his age group. Woo hooooo!

Onto the workouts.  Long runs on weekdays.  Over 100 miles on the bike.  It's getting real, ya'll.

Week 23: 11:07:09 hours

Swam: 57 minutes (2,650 yards)
Biked:  7:01 hours (101.02 miles)
Ran:  3:08 hours (20.64 miles)


Monday:  endurance bike
Tuesday:  swim with speed <-- didn't happen.  unintended rest day :/
Wednesday:  bike with tempo and 3 mile shake out run
Thursday:  swim: distance
Friday:  long run
Saturday:  endurance bike
Sunday:  long bike [60 miles] + 30 minute run

Monday and Saturday's bikes were just easy - endurance speed on the trainer in front of the TV. I love those bikes because I can watch TV, catch up on email and magazines/blogs.  They were each 60 minutes long.

Tuesday was my unintended rest day as I mentioned above.

Wednesday was a bike with some tempo pace which is harder work.  It took about an hour.  Then in the afternoon I had a "shake out" run for about 3 miles.  That was a gorgeous run!

Thursday was my one and only time in the pool this week, but I made it count.  It was a really good workout.  Coach had me do 200 yards to warm up and then 4 sets of 600s broken down by doing 150 yards easy/50 hard.

Friday!  I was so excited for my Friday run and it did not disappoint.  14 miles!  The only thing ... my coach is having us do a run-walk going forward.  So he wants us to run 9 minutes and then walk 1  minute (edited: thanks maya! I previously had walk 1 mile. No no no.) and repeat.  I was a little upset about this. I love my runs and I've put 20 years of running in so that I don't have to walk.  But his take is on IM race day, we will be doing a combo walk/run.  So let's train now.  It makes sense and it makes me feel better that he makes *all* of his Ironman athletes do this run-walk.  Even with the walking, I had a pretty darn good time.  And it was a gorgeous Spring morning.  Perfect for a run. The temp was about 40 degrees, and here's what I wore.

Here's my watch.  I really like the calories burned data.  1,276.  Woo hoo omg. 

Sunday ... that was my long bike.  I decided to focus on biking in aero position and getting used to the new fit of the bike, so I sought out paved trails near me.  I managed to do all of my miles on the Chester Valley Trail and Schuylkill River Trail and I biked from one to the other.  I was in aero about 95% of the time, which was fantastic.  I had a great ride and it was a shot of confidence in the old arm.  The 60 miles were fine (and granted not a ton of climbing), and later that afternoon, I did a 30 minute run, which again was a walk run: 9 minutes run/1 minute walk x 3.  

I've got my first triathlon of the season this coming Sunday!  Devilman, which is in my hometown and which I did last year.  My coach wants us to treat it like training and focus on the bike and bike hard ... even if it means we have to run/walk the run part.  I just want to beat my time from last year.  You know I will let you know all about it.

Have a great week! May ... May!  It's here!  The Summer is almost in sight.

See you swoon,


  1. is it 9 min/1 mile or 9 min/1 min?
    and has he told you why he wants you to do it that way? I'm really curious -- what if you just want to run the last 4-6 miles? does he say "go for it" or "you'll regret it"?

  2. Hi maya! Oops. Typo. It is run 9 minutes/ walk 1 minute and repeat. He wants us to get used to the break in momentum and he feels the run/walk will be a planned way to make the run part of the race more sustainable for us. I haven't asked about what to do if I feel up for running at the end. I imagine he would encourage it as long as my heart rate stays in an endurance zone.