Bedroom Finishing Touches

Who is making progress on her new years resolution to-do list?  This girl.  yeah!

One of the things on my list was to finish up my bedroom.  The bedroom is, overall, in great shape but it needed some finishing touches:  hang more pictures, organize the books and magazines, style the tops of the dresser and nightstands and hang (and first paint) a mirror.  And ... done!

I have to say: I love my bedroom.  It is painted a great shade of white and has a huge window that lets in a ton of light.  When I moved in, I took out the horrible paper shade that was covering the window and bought oversized blinds instead.  I'll just leave them when I move.  I hung a brushed nickel rod from Target and pretty white curtains from West Elm at the window and have hung some art around the space.  The bedroom is very me - lots of white and soothing colors.  

The first area that needed some help was this corner where my painted chest is.  The first thing I did to finish up the space was paint a mirror, which I blogged about recently.  I found the mirror at Michael's on clearance for $10.  I hated the finish on the frame, but I loved the size and the chunky weight of the frame.  I knew I could just paint over it and it would be perfect.  And it is!  Here it is in its new space.

I also brought in a triple frame from Pottery Barn for over the chest and put black and white pictures of the kids and me up there.  I ended up buying a 10-frame set from Pottery Barn for my stairwell gallery wall and used this frame from that set in my bedroom.  

That pretty cream/white/ivory mosaic frame hides my white noise machine.  I need my white noise machine to sleep and seriously you would have to pry it from my kung fu grip, but it's not the most attractive thing.  So a little framed picture hides it just fine.  I found the frame for $5 at the Christmas Tree Shops.

All that's left in this spot is to refinish the jewelry box, which now sticks out like a very sore dark-wooden thumb coated in dark wood that I do not enjoy.  I want to paint it white (shock!). I think I'll go with a chalk paint ... I am curious to try Home Depot's new brand of chalk paint.  I'm thinking of using it on my dining room table so I think the jewelry box is a good place to test it out.  

Then I moved on to the tops of my nightstands and dresser.  I started with the dresser.  I took everything except the TV off of it and then got to work.  The left side is where I keep a tray for the jewelry I wear all the time and the little necklace tree I use.  I also added a picture of the kids and me - the frame was a steal last year from The Christmas Tree Shops.  The right side has a card I found in Franklin, Tennessee that says "dream big darling" which I framed, a framed Susy Jack print and a really cool blue box I found at Home Goods.  Done! That big blank space over the TV needs something ... but I am not sure what.  

My nightstand:  I just cleaned this up a bit.  I added a framed picture of the kids and me and moved the stack of books to a basket on the floor.  I found this cute little mercury glass floral thing at Pottery Barn Outlet for $12.  I want a fancy, vintage looking glass for some water too.  I saw one at The Christmas Tree Shops when Jamie and I were there and did not pick it up.  Next time.

The other nightstand:  this one didn't need any real work.  I kept all the photos and just arranged them a little better.

Finally, I moved the basket that had been on my dresser and moved it next to my white chair.  I put magazines in it and put all of my books in the basket next to the nightstand.  

And that's it!  It didn't take very long to finish up the space and I am so glad I finally did -- all that's left is to paint the jewelry box (and to organize the contents - oh boy) and to hang something over my TV.

Have a great weekend!  Any good plans?  I will be training (of course) and I have a trip to IKEA and Home Depot planned.  Yes and yay.

See you swoon,

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  1. Shanna I LOVE it!! The color of that dresser is perfect! Overall feels like a room you could really relax in! My next project is to tackle our bedroom too.. It feels very neglected after seeing how nicely our son's nursery came together!