What I Wore {post 70}

70 What I Wore posts? With very little repeats?  Yes! And Yay.  

And yay for weekend.  Yes and yay.  I can't wait.  I have a long run and a visit from a dear friend for our favorite: steak, wine and chatter.  She does my soul good. But before I head out for my fun weekend of goodness, here's a round up of recent outfits.

Navy Dress, Tan Cardigan, Brown Boots, Wine Tights

I loved this outfit.  It was one of those throw together I think this will look good I'm not really sure oh wait yes it's good outfits.  I started with a navy dress from j.crew. It's strapless, but it's fine in all seasons under a sweater.  I paired it with a tan cardigan with ruffle trim from Target (years old) and wore my brown leather belt, which is sadly kind of hidden by my arms.  I wore wine colored tights and my brown boots.  It's a great end of Winter get the heck out of here Winter outfit. 

Fuchsia Sweater, Black & White Sheer Blouse, Black & White Pin-stripe Skirt

This was another throw-together and hope it works outfits.  I wore this on a day when I had a bunch of meetings but didn't want to wear a suit.  I was happy with how it turned out.  I tried to take a pic without my face and don't like the way that turned out at all.  Even with my morning mean face, I think that's better than a faceless shot.  

Grey Slouchy Top, Bootcut Jeans & Long Necklace

I *loved* this outfit! I had a party one night and the dress was casual but I didn't want to go too casual.  I bought these jeans at Old Navy.  In past years, I have sworn off Old Navy jeans as not flattering or comfortable but I decided to give them another try when I had a crazy promotion where I ended up paying about $17 for a pair.  I couldn't not buy them and try.  And I found that they've revamped their jeans. I went with the Flirt style in Crater Lake color (size 2 Short on me) and found that they are very flattering, with a higher rise and smaller back pockets than they used to be.  The bootcut is a very narrow boot as well, which makes for a modern fit.  Sold.   I found the slouchy top at Nordstrom  (Top Shop brand) and online it was about $30, which seemed a pretty good deal.  I wandered into the store and found that it was on sale for $16.  Um ... ok.  I ended up buying it and its blush pink twin.  I'm wearing a size XS, by the way.  I wore my cowgirl boots from Austin Texas but the outfit needed something.  I wore my long necklace from Talbot's (years ago on clearance) and think that made the outfit work.  

There you go!  Happy weekend! See you back here on Monday.
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