2015 Training: Week 12

Ahhh ... March.  You've got to love a month (and in this case a week) when you experience all four seasons.  This week was crazy.  We had cool, cold, warm and hot.  And snow.  6 inches of snow!  Thankfully, it didn't affect my workout, but it really did make me mad.   Like Unikitty* mad.  *hint - theme!- there will be more cats in this post! 

Week 12 [March 16-22]:  5:35:33 hours (35.5 miles)

Monday:  rest day
Tuesday:  walk/run
Wednesday: speedwork
Thursday: easy run
Friday: rest day
Saturday: long run - 20 miles
Sunday: walk/run

The Workouts

Monday I really enjoyed the rest day.  I was feeling pretty good despite my 18 mile run the day before.  

Tuesday was a walk/run - easy 5 minute walk, 35 minute run.  It was about 45 degrees when I left the house.  And by the end of the run, I had rolled the arm warmers down.

Tuesday was also St. Paddie's Day!  Who enjoyed a black and tan? This girl.

Wednesday was speedwork. I had a busy morning, so I opted to do it at the Y after work and on the treadmill. It was fine.  Nothing crazy.  The volume was lower than in weeks past, so it felt like a little gift.

Thursday.  Easy run, but it was cold again.  It felt like a kick in the teeth after the warm temps earlier in the week.  Obviously I am thrilled.  

Friday was a rest day and thank goodness, because it snowed this day.  Grrr.

Saturday I had a long run of 20 miles.  I went to my son's basketball game at 8:30 and ran when I got home.  Thankfully the temps warmed up quite a bit, so the snow was melting and the trail was clear.  The run was 20 miles, all endurance pace.   It was a great run for most of it, but at the end, I struggled.  I will illustrate in the best way I know how - with kittens.  The first 16 miles, I felt like this:

There were even moments of this:

Then once I hit mile 16 or so, something changed. There was a shift. I felt a little like this:

And then, those final 3 miles, I was like this.

Here is how I actually looked post-run:

Pretty hot.  

And here is what got me through those final 3 miles: knowing a Sprite was waiting for me.  Oh and I got new sneakers! I love them.  I've continued to buy my ruby red Sauconys since I first found them in June, and I think it's time for a change.  The new blue suits me just fine.  

Sunday was a very easy workout.  I was sore from the 20 miler, but this one felt good.  15 minute walk - then 5 x 4 min run/1 min walk - then a couple minutes walk. 

This week is not so bad training wise, and it will culminate with the Love Run half marathon on Sunday.  My coach has me running about 5 miles before the race.  Here's hoping this one is a good race!
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