More Kitchen Organizing

Ten minute project here.  More cabinet organization in the kitchen. This time I worked on the cabinet above my sink, which currently holds my tupperware, my big pasta bowls, my wooden and plastic serving bowls, matches & lighters and my beloved Le Creuset Dutch Oven that I use all of the time in the Fall and Winter.  It also held a mismash of things, including water bottles, pitchers and odds and ends.  The cabinet doesn't even look that bad.  But to me, it is chaos. 

So, as usual, I pulled everything out and thought about what I needed and what was working and what wasn't.  What worked:
  • The pasta bowls within easy reach.  We are big pasta fans up in this joint.
  • The lighter/matches on the top shelf.  I regularly light candles and fires in the fireplace and want those things out of reach.
  • The tupperware in close proximity to the sink
What didn't work:
  • My Dutch Oven could not be any more difficult to reach. I would have to take out all the tupperware to get to it. Not working!
  • The mishmash of "stuff" in the cabinet.  It made me crazy.

What I did:

I bought some white bins in the Dollar Spot at Target. They were $3 and I knew they'd come in handy.  The top shelf worked.  I put the salad bowl and the matches/lighter back up there.  I also put the knife sharpener (which was stuck in the way back of the second shelf) up there too.  Now it's easy to find.

For the middle shelf, I put my tupperware container in one white bin and the lids in the other.  I threw out any gross or match-less pieces.  

For the bottom shelf, I put my pasta bowls, the Dutch Oven and my glass storage containers.  Now when I need to grab my Dutch Oven, I only have to move a couple of things.  Much better.  

As for the other items, I moved the water bottles into another white bin and put them in a different cabinet.  I still have to organize that one, so you'll see them in awhile. 

But hurrah.  This cabinet is done.

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