2015 Training: Weeks 9-10

Winter Schminter.  I am done with Winter.  And for me to say that, it's saying something because I rather enjoy running in the cold.  But I do not enjoy running in the ice or freezing rain or sub-zero wind chills.   I am definitely at the point where I want Springtime.  But I still have to train, so I'll suck it up and do the needful.  

Week 9 [Feb. 23-Mar. 1] 5:06:19 hours

Swam: n/a
Biked: n/a
Ran: 5:06:19 hours (32.1 miles)

Monday:  day off/bike/swim
Tuesday:  walk/run
Wednesday: track speedwork run outside!!
Thursday:  easy run
Friday: day off/bike/swim
Saturday: long run + Frostbite Five Miler
Sunday: walk/run

Yes - training is pretty running-specific right now.  And with my schedule of late, if I have a "day off" with the option of a swim or a bike, I'm typically just taking the day off.  I miss the pool so much.  

Monday was a day off after my 13 mile run on the treadmill.  I was pretty sore ... my legs don't like the treadmill that much at all.

Tuesday I had a run/walk combo.  I again had to do this on the treadmill because of the conditions outside.  

Wednesday was supposed to be speedwork, but it was pretty nice out (or at least not icy) and I couldn't stomach the idea of another treadmill run.  So I nixed the speedwork and instead enjoyed a lovely 3 mile run outside!  With headlamp and singlet!  My face may not show it, but I was really happy.  

Thursday was an easy run, which I had to do on the treadmill.  Bah.  Friday was another day off and I took advantage since my Saturday was a doozie.

Saturday I ran the Frostbite Five Miler, a local race that I love.  But my coach also had me tack miles onto that and treat it as my long run day.  So I had to run 11 miles before the race.  I ran them at a 9:00 pace, which is pretty darn good given the hilly route.  I had a pretty good race after that 11 mile effort.  I certainly didn't PR, but my 40:30 time was my second best time ever at the race.  Not too shabby.  

Sunday was an easy walk/run recovery.  Super easy.  Super comfy.  And it was outside, which made me super happy.

Week 10 [Mar. 2-Mar. 8] 4:55:15 hours

Swam: n/a
Biked: 45 minutes (on trainer)
Ran: 4:10:11 hours (26.5 miles)

Monday:  day off
Tuesday:  walk/run
Wednesday: track speedwork treadmill run
Thursday:  easy run  day off
Friday: day off/bike/swim:  45 minute bike
Saturday: walk/run
Sunday: long run - 17 miles

ARGADSFJALSDKFJSALKFJAOIEUFOIDLSFK.  Ever have one of those weeks where everything is crazy and nothing goes right and it's all a mess? This was my life - in every way - this week.  Workouts were no exception.  

Monday I enjoyed a rest day.  Yay.

Tuesday was a walk/run combo - 5 minutes of walking (it was supposed to be 15 but it was way too cold for that) and 30 minutes of easy running.  Here I am after.  Done with Winter.  Done with cold.  Done with everything.  

Wednesday - damn.  It was supposed to be a track speedwork workout, which these days means a treadmill speedwork workout.  Totally fine, whatever, ok.  I got to the gym around 6 and got started.  The workout was: mile warm up, then 6 x 3/4 mile at 7:20 and 7:40 paces (alternating) with 1 min walk and 1 min easy run.  Easy enough.  Only it wasn't easy enough.  I'm not sure what the problem was ... I don't think I ate enough the night before or that morning because during my second fast 3/4 mile interval, I felt way off and not well.  I stopped, walked, tried again but at that point I was done.  I threw in the towel and made the workout just a 30 minute run.  I figured I would just do my speedwork the next day.  

Thursday - uh.  Yeah.  This happened.

Really beautiful.  And a snow day for both me and the kids.  My only workout was digging out my car and walking to and from the hill and sledding with the kids.  Sometimes you've got to walk away from the training plan and enjoy life as it comes.

Friday was a rest day/bike/swim.  It was also another snow day.  I couldn't and didn't want to take another rest day.  I had to work all day but was able to make time for a 45 minute bike on the trainer.  It wasn't that bad.  

Saturday was an easy walk/run combo.  I had the kids and we all agreed to hit the indoor track at the YMCA for some fun laps.  The kids brought their iPads and either played on them or joined me for some running.  It was a lot of fun - I walked 10 minutes and ran 20.  It was a really nice break from the treadmill.  

Sunday was my long run.  It was not particularly well timed given it was Daylight Savings and I lost an hour of sleep.  My 6 am alarm felt way too early.  I had to be on the road by 7 am, as I had 17 miles to do.  I was *thrilled* that the temp was in the high 20s and would be sunny and warm to mid-30s by the end of the run.  Due to some very poor planning on my part, my night before meal was a handful of peel & eat shrimp, 2 bacon wrapped scallops, 2 glasses of wine and 2 beers.  I went to bed at 11 pm and thought ... oh boy ... this could go very badly tomorrow.  But it felt way too late to eat something, so I risked it.  And, wouldn't you know it, I had a great run.

I felt strong and good.  My tummy was happy.  And so was I :)

More of the same this week with a big 20 miler long run on Sunday with some very fast paced miles.  I've got a bit of work travel as well, so it'll be a challenge to make time for the workouts.  But I will do it! 

Have a good week.  

See you swoon,

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