What I Wore {post 68}

FRIDAY.  What more can you say about Friday but to all caps that sucker?

So I have some exciting news - my blog redesign is just about done and I love love love it!!  It should be live in the next few weeks.  I can't wait to share with you.  The URL will stay the same.  But gone are the yellow and the busy-ness of the current template.  I find the new site a lot easier to read and navigate and the comments are especially easier to use.  Sadly, the Swoon logo that I absolutely adore is gone as well.  Jamie is [at least temporarily] hanging up her blogging hat, and a solo cameo gave me a big sad.  So I did a complete control alt delete with the site for a fresh new look.  More details when the new site is up and running, but I can sum up my feelings about it with a giant rainbow colored squee!!!  

Anyway, here are some outfits.  I am so ready for Spring. After the week of ice and cold and snow and mess ... I am ready freddy for Spring.  

Orange Print Dress & Brown Boots

I love this dress.  The print is so fun and it's a very comfortable and flattering dress.  I got it awhile ago from Banana Republic Outlet for something crazy cheap like $11.  The only danger is Amy has a dress very similar, so if I don't check with her before wearing, I am always a little afraid that we will be twinsies.  

Bootcut Jeans & Wool Cowl Neck

I bought this cowl neck wool sweater back in 2012 from Ann Taylor. I remember that because it was a great deal and 2012 was a super warm Winter ... so warm that I couldn't wear this sweater!  The past few Winters have more than made up for it.  I wore this on a Friday to work.  

Leggings, Slouchy Sweater & Hunter Boots

Here's a weekend outfit.  The forecast was for snow (of course) so I wore my Hunter boots (which are a pretty green), with my black leggings, grey slouchy sweater, white top and grey knee socks. It was cozy and easy and I think chic enough for errands and basketball games.  

Have a terrific weekend!  See you back here on Monday with a round-up of the last two weeks' worth of training and - I promise - a house project!  In the meantime, I hope your weekend is epic.  Or at least kinda fun. 

See you swoon,

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