What I Wore {post 46}: Style Me May Challenge [week 5]

I know it's basically mid-June, but I wanted to finish up the Style Me May series!  I had a really good time playing along with the style challenge, and I blogged about my outfits in May here: week 1week 2week 3 and week 4.

In week 5, I admit, the wheels came off a bit.  It was after Memorial Day and life/work/training got really busy.  So I took a bunch of liberties with the challenge.  

May 27:  Not Too Mellow Yellow Out of My Comfort Zone

I moved things around here.  I had ordered a long yellow maxi dress (more on that below!) and it hadn't arrived yet (boo), so I decided to do the "out of my comfort zone" outfit instead.  I went with a very white outfit, which is definitely out of my comfort zone, since I tend to spill of myself if I'm wearing white.  I managed to not do that on this day!  The top is from the Ann Taylor outlet. I bought it in February and have been saving it.  I love it.  Whenever I find a cute print top that I like, I pick it up.  Prints are my favorite.  

May 28:  Out of My Comfort Zone Floral Flush

I continued to move things around and decided on "floral flush" this day.  This was easy: I wore my Simply Vera Wang (from Kohl's) floral dress from last Summer.  This dress was essentially free, so I could not pass it up.  I was already ordering a gift from Kohl's and in order to get $25 off that gift and free shipping, I needed to buy something else.  The dress was on clearance and it was less than $25, so when I added it to my cart, I got the free shipping and $25 off, which more than paid for the dress.  I really like it when retailers pay me to shop!  This dress is really cute and flattering and comfortable.  My hair was wavy and my face was flushed: it was hot and I had a long run that morning.

May 30:   Celebrity Chic

I skipped May 29: I had to get ready at the gym and didn't have time to do the challenge.  But May 30 was a Friday so I knew I wanted to wear jeans.  I thought Celebrity Chic was a way to go.  And I knew I'd copy Jennifer Aniston's style - I love her effortless California chic look.  

I wore my dark rinse bootcut jeans with my cowgirl boots (from Austin Texas, thank you very much!), a nice white tee and a cream/ivory stripe scarf that I bought in Nashville.  

June 2:  Not Too Mellow Yellow

Obviously, the challenge was over in June, but I couldn't resist sharing this! First, I admit I completely copied this outfit off of a woman I saw at the mall.  She was about my height (ok ok ok, she was probably like 5'4") and she was wearing a long yellow maxi dress that was very flowy and a turquoise necklace. I *loved* the way it looked and wanted to recreate it. I already had the turquoise necklace (j.crew outlet) so I was on the hunt for a yellow maxi dress.  Long dresses are tough on my 5'1" frame.  I found this one at Old Navy and waited until it went on sale and I had a coupon.  I knew I needed petite, and thankfully they offered it in that size!  I went with the petite small (I tried on the petite XS but it was a little too tight in the ribs -- thank you children for stretching my rib cage).  I got so many compliments on this dress!  It is very comfortable but it is also very sheer, so thankfully it was lined.  It's also a gauzy material that looks like linen, so the wrinkles are supposed to be there, which is awesome. I wore it to work, so I had to wear ballet flats, but this would look better with flat metallic sandals. 

And there you go! That wraps up the Style Me May challenge!  I had a lot of fun and will definitely do another one of these, probably in the Fall.  But for now, I'll be back to the regular "what I wore" posts.  

See you swoon,