What I Wore {post 31}

Happy Wednesday.  The weekend is getting closer!  Here are a handful of recent outfits to celebrate Hump Day.  

* Black Knit Dress, Bright Pink Tights, Red Heels *

I wore this outfit before Christmas when I was in a particularly festive mood.  I wasn't sure if the pink and red were too much, but figured the black kind of toned things down a bit.  I wore a magenta skinny belt to bring a little color to the dress as well.  The pinks didn't match perfectly, but I think the outfit worked.  Unfortunately, I will remember this outfit as the outfit I wore the day I got the flu.  I remember being absolutely *freezing* in my office, and I am never, ever cold.  I ran into my boss's office and asked to borrow his space heater, which he let me borrow but he also expressed concern that I was getting sick, since I am never, ever cold. He was right (which I hate to admit).  Cute outfit, though.

* Baby Pink Cardigan & Skinny Jeans *

I wore this to my friend Heather's for Christmas Day brunch.  I was still not quite 100% so I don't look too thrilled or Christmassy in this picture.  Still ... I love this cardigan. It is as soft as baby lambs living on the softest clouds.  Also, the lambs are on pillows made of soft cashmere.   I got it at Anthropologie a few months ago and it's by Moth.  The jeans are from American Eagle.  I would have *never* stepped foot in American Eagle, but Jamie made me and swore their jeans were great.  Wouldn't you know, I walked out with a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of boot cut.  The skinnies are their jeggings and are, for me, in short.  I also went a size up in the skinnies.  Considering I could not get my normal sized skinny jeans over my calf, there was no alternative.  The boot cut jeans are true to size, if a little low on the hip (at least for this 38 year old)

* Navy & White Striped Sweater & Skinny Jeans *

I wore this outfit to work on a casual Friday around the holidays.  The shirt is a clearance buy from Gap - I love stripes and will pretty much buy any striped top I can get my mitts on.  I really liked the blue detail on the shoulder and at the cuff and appreciated the longer length.  The jeans are the same American Eagle skinny jeans tucked into my brown riding boots.

I mentioned last week that I lost my mind at the Loft after-Christmas sale.  Well, everything arrived and I made out like a bandit.  Next week I'll share part of the loot.  

See you swoon,

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