Little's room: lots of lavender and pink

Hello hello! How are you this fine Winter morning?

I want to share more progress I made in Little's room.  I made a big push in the Fall in her space and it's been great and she loves it.  But I had a little more to do.  Always.  I always have more to do, and if I ever get to the point where I don't, then it is time to move. :)

It started with brining her mirror back into her room once I painted it lavender.

I love how the lavender ties into the rug, which I bought last year at my absolute favorite flash sale site, Joss and Main.  I have scored amazing deals at Joss and Main.  The key is to check out the sales every day and when they have what you want for a good price, do not hesitate: purchase immediately.  I know it's obvious, but I've been burned more than once when I waited too long only to find someone else bought what I wanted.  Booo-urns.  So when I saw this lavender and white (and 100% wool) Safavieh wool rug pop up for the price I wanted, I pounced.  It is a wee bit small for her room, but it's a rug on top of a carpet, so I think it is fine.  This rug is gorgeous and so well made.  It is the nicest rug in my house.  

I used some more of the Blue Wisteria (Martha Stewart) paint sample that I used on Little's mirror and painted the backs of her bookshelf.  I am a little worried about durability, given how often she uses the shelf.  But if it doesn't hold up, I can always use some foam board covered in fabric.  So far so good though.  I love it.

More lavender - over the holidays I was at Anthropologie and found this adorable lavender flower knob for Little's nightstand!  I love the little change. Oh and that little Hello Kitty? It holds her lipglosses.  I can't.  

I was on a roll, so I framed some more Susy Jack calendar prints and hung them on Little's wall and moved her new snowglobe collection onto her shelf in her room.  I took some pink toile fabric I had in my stash and wrapped it around a cheap canvas I bought at Michaels and propped that on the shelf.

I found this LOVE print in my stash of art and thought she would love it in her room.  

The frame is from Target.  I painted the little wood strip around the mat pink (it was a wood color before).  

Here's how it looks on her dresser.  I like how the different prints in the LOVE print kind of tie into the different fabrics of her butterflies around the mirror.  

Little's room is looking good!  Jamie and I are hitting the Pottery Barn outlet this weekend OMG, so I'd love to see if there is another pack of those fabric butterflies.  I feel like I need a little bit more around the mirror.  Otherwise, the room is done for now.  

See you swoon,


  1. like the theme of the decoration in the house, it is so dreamy.

  2. The decorations in the house is so dreamy and fantastic.

  3. I love these paintings in the house.