IMLP Training Recap: Week 10

Happy Monday.  ?  !  I don't even know which punctuation to use.  We've had a lot of snow around here lately - two snow days last week and then a little snow over the weekend.  Look, I am normally a fan of the snow.  But this year I need to train for an Ironman.  So the snow gets in the way of that.  And that makes me angry.  Very angry.  So angry that I speak in sentences that are a little staccato.  Oh also? My brand new crown (that covered my root canal) fell out over the weekend.  So I need to head back to the dentist this week to get it put back in.  Rah! Grr!  Meh.  Only grumpy cat can properly express my ire.

Getting down to it:  week 10:

Swam: 1:22:55 hours (4,125 yards)
Biked:  3:56:35 hours (all on trainer)
Ran:  3:12:12 hours (16.49 miles)


Monday - swim
Tuesday - tempo run
Wednesday - endurance bike* (*was supposed to be a brick but because of the snow (grrr) it was just a bike)
Thursday - bike
Friday - easy run
Saturday - long swim & brick
Sunday - bike and run

Aside from the snow, this week was pretty unremarkable.  I really liked my Tuesday run - I got it in before the snow started.  On that day.  The snow on that day.  There were many days of snow this week.  Snow.  More snow.  And again with the staccato.

I was at a conference for work on Thursday and Friday.  Friday morning I got up bright and early and ran on the treadmill (45 minute endurance run), which was fine.   I had a normal breakfast and then at lunch I became a ravenous beast.  They had a great buffet and amazing desserts, and I ate three of them.  They were mini tiramisu!  Three.  Three mini desserts.  The people at my table were intrigued, impressed and appalled.

I also liked my Saturday brick, which again I got in before the snow started.  The Saturday snowstorm.  Snow.  Again with the snow.   Take a look at my running gear all set out (hello high maintenance):

After I biked on the trainer for 45 minutes, I ran upstairs and put on all of this stuff so I would not freeze off any appendages on the 30 minute run. It was freezing (literally, actually colder .... like 7 degrees) when I headed out for my run.   It took forever to get everything on, but it was worth it.  I was comfortable on the run ... well, as comfortable as someone can be in 7 degrees.  

And then this happened:

Bad words were said.  Many bad words.  Threats were made (against the weather - as thought I could actually murder snow).  UGH.  On Sunday I could have run outside but I did the treadmill instead because I had to run early in the morning and I wasn't sure of the road conditions.

To wrap up, my colleague sent me the following picture with the suggestion for a license plate.  The answer is no.  The answer is also LOL. [Note: my colleague needs to clean his windshield ... if you can't read the license plate, it says "Iurnman"]

Happy week.  Here's hoping the groundhog predicts an early Spring in a few weeks.  If not, I may send grumpy cat his way.    

See you swoon,


  1. Snow will make you tough! Overcoming obstacles to training is all part of the journey. :) Remember, if it was easy everyone would do it, right?