Gold and Cream Ottoman! I mean Gold and Tan Ottoman!

Breaking news.  Put down your coffee.  Be prepared to have your mind blown.  I replaced my ottoman/coffee table in my living room.  I know ... the excitement is just too much to bear.  Although, there was a bit of unexpected drama involving this purchase.  

My living area is pretty tight - there just isn't much room at all for a coffee table.  I like an upholstered table or bench so that I can use it as a footrest while on the couch.  I found this upholstered bench on Craigslist back in December 2012, which I reupholstered with this white fabric with grey coral and have used ever since:

I love this little thing and I recognized that I was totally playing with fire by having a white bench around two children.  Well, the fire came one day in the form of a nosebleed.  Big had a nosebleed and like a moth to the flame, he got it all over the white ottoman.  No biggie - these things happen. I tried to save it, but alas, the ottoman was stained.  Now, add to that, I while I loved it, it has felt a little too small.  So I kept my eyes open for a better solution.  And I found it!  The Target threshold cream and gold tufted bench. It is exactly what I wanted!  Upholstered, small footprint and a little touch of gold.  Cream! The price was good too, at $99. I used my Target Red Card, so it was actually 5% off and free shipping right to my door.  Yay.

The box arrived and the outside said "color: brown linen".  And I was all ... what?  Who ordered brown?  Not this girl.  This girl doesn't do brown.  I prayed it was a mistake.  But when I opened the box, I was expecting this from the Target website:

And instead, I got this:

Womp. Womp. Womp.  And rage.  This is not cream! Not even close!  Not on any cracked out alternate reality where cream equals tan!  I compared the SKU on my receipt with the SKU online in the hopes that somehow something had gone awry, but alas, this was the same ottoman (note: Target has since changed the description to read "buff beige" and not "cream").  Le sigh.  But as I looked closer, I realized that the color matched my couches perfectly.  So I put it in place and let it sit there for a few hours.  I would come back and check on it, and it kept growing on me.  I loved the size, the gold legs and the tufted top.  Plus, I rationalized, the color would be better with the kids.  So ... I kept it.  And I Scotchguarded the heck out of it.  Here it is again:

As for the little bench, fear not! I'm moving it to the TV area in the playroom.  I need to reupholster it but it will make a perfect coffee table/extra seat for that little space.  And that reminds me ... I need to get started on the big playroom transformation.  It's a doozie.  But I am up for the challenge.  You've seen the pictures in the background of some recent posts.  It is time to attack that job and get 'er done. 

See you swoon,