What I Wore {post 29}

Happy Hump Day!  How is your December?  How are the holiday preparations and shopping and merriment?   Are you decking your halls?  We are but a sleigh ride to Christmas.  

* Orange Printed Dress & Brown Riding Boots *

This dress was a steal from the Banana Republic outlet at $22.  I need a new dress like I need a hole in the head, but at that price and with the fit and look, I just couldn't say no.  I wore it with my brown riding boots.  It would look smashing with my open toe bow heels.  

* Tan Pencil Skirt, Brown Blouse, Teal Belt *

I wore this to a deposition in lieu of a suit.  The skirt is a pencil skirt from the Limited around 2012.  I've had this brown blouse (the sleeves fold up to reveal white cuffs, which I love) forever - I think it's from Lands End of all places.  The outfit needed a bit of color, so I wore my skinny teal belt.  Since I was in a more formal setting (and I would be sitting pretty much all day), I wore my taupe patent heels.  Happy happy day.    

* Cobalt Cardigan & Cream Wool Skirt *

I can't take credit for this outfit.  I saw it on one of my favorite fashion blogs (which I need to do an entire post on!) and decided to give it a try myself.  The cardigan is from Talbot's, which is a store in which I never shop.  But I loved the color and the look and the price!  So I went for it.  I bought the cream wool mini skirt (which isn't really that mini on me) from the j.crew outlet.  You can't really see them, but I wore pale gold ballet flats, also from the j.crew outlet.  I like this outfit.  Flats and all.  

Have a great day!

See you swoon,

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