DIY Glittery Christmas Tree Star Tree-Topper

Happy Happy Holidays!  I have an easy craft today - a DIY glittery star Christmas tree topper.   Here is the finished product right up front:

It had far more humble beginnings:

I bought this paper star at Target's after Christmas clearance last year.  I figured I would do *something* with it, but at the time, I had no idea what.  I just liked the style and the shape and the price, which was $2.50 on clearance (originally $10 and I snagged it when everything was 75% off).    

I thought the easiest thing to do was to paint right over paper and then use some glitter on top.  And hey, if the experiment went awry, I was out only $2.50.  So I bought the supplies at Michael's and went with a champagne craft paint and white fine glitter, plus glitter glue, all Martha Stewart.  

It was very easy.  First, I used the craft paint to cover the star.  It took approximately one hundred thousand coats.  But it was very fast going and easy because I could use the little base to hold it while I put the coats of paint on.   My helper in all things art and crafty, Little, took this action shot.  It's a little blurry, but forgive her, as she is five.

The metallic champagne paint covered the purple and green and everything else. 

Then I added the glitter with the glitter adhesive.  Little helped with this step.  We just painted the adhesive on the star and literally dumped the glitter on top.  We used the box that the start came in (seen above) and then transferred the excess glitter back to the jar (Little is in love with glitter. I am certain we will find more uses for it).  

And that is it!  Here it is again:

It took just about an hour to do and looks super cute on top of my tree.  Plus, I love that it was a craft that Little and I worked on together.  What's on top of your tree? Are you are star or an angel person?

See you swoon,

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