What I Wore {post 28}

OMG. December.  De-cem-ber.  I can't with this.  I also can't believe that on Sunday I turn 38 years old.  I have to say ... now that I am really into triathlon and more competitive running, turning 40 has a huge bright side: a new age group!  Here are a few more outfits.  All with flats.  

* Blue Printed Skirt, Navy Sweater, Emerald Buttondown *

This skirt was a great find from Target in the Spring.  I wore it this Summer and decided to try in the Fall.  I think this worked!  I wore the skirt with a navy j.crew crew neck sweater and a pretty emerald green short sleeved buttondown from NY & Co.  I don't think I can get away with this skirt in the Winter, so say goodbye until the Spring.  Oh.  I wore the outfit with my silver flats.  Poor flats.  I want to like them, but it's hard to muster up excitement for them when my beautiful heels are looking so forlorn in my closet.  

* Black pants, Turquoise Buttondown and Grey Sweater Vest *

These were the one pair of pants I had in my closet that worked with flats.  So I wore them with my black flats.  I paired them with my turquoise buttondown from Banana and an old grey sweater vest from NY & Co.  The vest has seen better days.  It may be time to retire it. 

* Teal "Jeans", White Cardigan, White & Tan Scarf *

Yet another flats outfit.  I got these teal pants/jeans at TJ Maxx earlier this year.  They were so inexpensive and I love the fit.  The top is a white cardigan from Gap outlet.  And the scarf was a find in a really cute store in Franklin, Tennessee that I bought when I had a girls' weekend a few weeks ago with my friends.  Silver flats.  <--- (see? no excitement)

Maybe if I buy some more flats, I will like them more.  OK probably not.  

See you swoon,

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