Some Sweet Kitchen Touches

I have a few special finds for your kitchen to share with you today.  My style in decorating is decidedly cottage.  I love white and soft neutrals, dark wood floors and vintage touches.  One place I love to bring in little vintage, cottagey items is my kitchen.  Here is a round up of some of my favorite things.

Anthropologie Chalk Board Spice Jar

I happen to live about 10 minutes from a great Anthropologie store.  Danger!  Danger.  I try to limit my trips there, lest I go broke, but over the Summer I popped in during their big clearance sale.  I found some clothes for a steal, but also could not resist picking up this little chalk board spice jar for only $10.  I'm sure it is very easy to DIY, but I loved it and decided to treat myself.  I keep kosher salt in it and leave it right by the stove for cooking.  

courtesy of anthropologie

Wal-Mart White Utensil Holder

You can see it right above -- I found this utensil holder at Wal-Mart for about $4 tops.  I have seen similar ones at Target for closer to $20 and other higher end stores like Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma for even more.  This looks sleek, chic and sweet. And hello - $4.  

Magnetic Kitchen Timer

I found this adorable robin's egg blue magnetic kitchen timer at Anthropologie as well, but I cannot find it on their website. I think it was about $15.  I love how vintage it looks and it's super easy to use, plus out of the way.  The blue makes me smile.  I'm pretty sure there were other colors as well.  

IKEA Droppar Jar with Lid

I needed storage for my sugar and flour, and I really love to keep them on the counter.  I found these glass jars at IKEA for $10 each.  The lids have a vacuum seal, so the contents stay nice and fresh.  And because sugar and flour are white, it all works.  

courtesy of  ikea
Crate & Barrel Cookie Jar

Finally, I found this cookie jar at Crate and Barrel for $25.  I love it!  Like the IKEA jars above, this cookie jar's lid has a vacuum seal.  I just love this! And mmmmm ... cookies.  Homemade or not, I need them in my kitchen at all times.

courtesy of  Crate & Barrel
There you have it! A little round-up of some inexpensive items for a kitchen.  What about you?  What are some of your favorite kitchen things?  I'd love to hear.

See you swoon,

Note:  None of the above companies or products sponsored, paid for or otherwise comped this blog post! 

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