Mini Kitchen Mudroom

Good morning!  I hope you are having a great week.

Up today is a little solution I created for my kids' coats and jackets ... right in my kitchen.  

I like coats out of the way. I think it's important for kids to take care of their belongings, and this means hanging up their coats after school or play.  I have a coat closet in my entryway, but the kids cannot reach the hangers and there was no room for me to put another row of hooks in the closet.  I brainstormed and realized I could put some hooks in my kitchen on the far side of my tall wine cabinet.  It was unused space, totally hidden from view and right near the front door, which meant the kids could come in and take care of their coats instead of throwing them on.the.floor, which drives me batty (so batty, in fact, that it necessitates italics and bold.).

I bought two bars of hooks from Target (around $15 each) and hung them on top of each other.  

When it's time for me to move, I'll just remove the hooks and spackle over the holes.  Easy!

What about you? Have you ever had to think outside the box and create a custom solution for you or your family?  I'd love to hear. 

See you swoon,

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