Art Schmart

Good morning to you!  I hope everyone is having a terrific day.  

Today I am sharing the new addition to my living room: art over fireplace.  Here is the space before:

And here it is after:

I thought about adding a shelf to act as a mantle, but I think with the layout of the room and the angle of the fireplace next to the TV, a shelf/mantle in that space would look way too cluttered.  So, instead, I opted for an oversized frame with art in it.  

I bought another Wood Gallery Oversized Mat frame from Pottery Barn in white, to match the other two that I scored at the Pottery Barn Outlet last year, which are in my dining room.  I took advantage of a sale online at Pottery Barn, where the frames were 15% off and had free shipping.  It wasn't as great a deal as at the outlet, but it was a little savings that I happily took!  I have plans to move these frames around in the Winter, but that's a bigger project.  Anyway, I had a lovely print of soft pink peonies on hand that I found at Etsy from Judy Stalus.  I thought this would be perfect in the space.  And it is!

It's amazing how much art on the walls makes a room feel more homey and lived-in.  I want to add pictures of the kids around the TV on the wall, but at this point I will hold off until I've repainted the room.  

What about you?  Do any fun projects lately? 

See you swoon,


  1. I agree about the shelf. You could put a shelf over the TV though that could work as a mantle of sorts.

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