WWJW: Wear tunics and leggings like a pro

It can be so hard to figure out how to wear leggings with tunics without looking frumpy or too casual.  Shanna suggested posting about different ways to wear them for every day or work outfits (if you have a slightly more business casual dress code).  Great idea!  I usually wear leggings to work out or lounge around in but there are so many other things you can do with them.  Take a look!

Adorable.  I wish my feet looked that cute in flats because I would rock this outfit on weekends.  Loving the plaid top with the leggings, it is such a relaxed, fun look yet still very put together.

This look really works because instead of the tunic just being long and straight with no shape, the drawstring pulls in right at the waist giving a slimming effect:

The striped shirt is a little on the short side but the whole thing is pulled together once it's paired with the trench.  The trench gives it a little more length making the short shirt more acceptable to wear out in public (in my opinion at least).

This top is incredibly frilly so I know it may not be for everyone but what I like about this one is that it has a drawstring like the second picture, however, this one is a bit lower creating the illusion of a skirt/dress if pulled a little tighter.  I know this "dress" would be just an eensy weensy bit short but once you pair these items with leggings you will see your comfort level with slightly shorter pieces of clothing increase (it's safe to bend over :) ).

Source: venus.com via Jillian on Pinterest

Here is something similar but instead of boots we have heels.  For me, it's usually easier to wear a longer tunic when you have heels on since more of your leg is showing to keep you looking long and lean.  Try it out, you may feel like you can wear a shorter top when you have your knee high boots on. 

Source: ruelala.com via Becca on Pinterest

I adore the third style, I need to go stalk these items out next time I go shopping, MUST GET A WHITE BLAZER!  The fourth style is my next favorite, I love the pop of color and the deep v-neck keeps this straighter shape from looking too boxy.

OOOH man this look makes me want spring in the worst way!  White legging/jeggings with a tunic and tan wedges?  Yes please and these pops of coral are to die for!

What do you think?  Have any favorites from this post?  Do you wear leggings and tunics and how do you pair the two?

See you swoon,


  1. I love tunics and leggings and/or skinny jeans, but can't wear flats either (they make my legs look stumpy and I am apparently flat footed! Who knew?) Anyway-- I also love a BOOTY with leggings, I haven't tried it yet myself but lots of the fashionable chicks I work with do, and I love it.

  2. um, totally meant shoe booties, you know, ankle boots

    not a rump. Lol. I sounded like Professor Mix a Lot

  3. I wish I had the confidence to wear leggings. I love the way they look on other people, but just don't feel like I could rock it. Thanks for the inspiration though!

  4. Ha-ha, thank you for that laugh Julia! Glad you both felt inspired, now we all just have to go out and put some of these outfits together for ourselves!

  5. Is it appropriate to wear leggings and a dress and knee high boots in May? I am going to a wedding rehearsal in the afternoon May 4th in California and the weather should be in the mid 60's to 70's. I have a cute dress I wear with brown leggings and clark boots with a little heal. Wasn't sure if it's still ok to wear boots in warmer weather. If really warm I could wear same outfit with a sandal. But really like the boots.

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