More Blogs You Need to Read

Happy Monday!  You may notice that I haven't posted many house projects lately.  There's a reason for that: work has been absolutely gang-busters.  I've been working a lot more than normal, so my time and energy for projects around the home has been at a minimum.  I hope you understand!  Believe me: I am itching to get cracking on them.  

In the meantime, why not check out the blogs of some of my dearest friends? They are all terrific reads.  Check them out and let them know I sent you!

Tangerine and Turquoise

Tangerine & Turquoise

looking for my favorite colors everywhere

My friend Jennie's blog, Tangerine and Turquoise, is among one of my favorite reads.  She is immensely talented - she takes stunning photography, tends to her garden (and her children!), and sews and crafts simply beautiful things.   I love her writing too.  One of my favorite things that Jennie has done is to take a picture a day for a year.  I know you will enjoy her blog.  Jennie says this about herself:  Jennie lives in the South where she takes care of people and things. Previously in her past life, she was an elementary school art teacher, a professional photographer, and a knitting instructor. She now mothers, works part time at the family business, cooks food, sews things, photographs, and tries to enjoy all the moments big and small in her life.  

Post Modern Childbirth

Next up: my friend Rachel's blog: PostModern Childbirth.  Rachel is a doula in Queens and Post Modern Childbirth is her company.  Rachel naturally birthed two babies at her home and is a champion of natural birth.  She's also one of the most grounded, truly kind people I have ever met.  If I were to ever have another baby (no), I would ask her to be my doula.  She's amazing, and I am honored to be her friend.  Her blog is all about her thoughts and musings on birthing and mothering.  

Madelyn Ridgeway: A Southern Flair

A Southern Flair

Finally, last but certainly not least, is my friend Madelyn Ridgeway's blog: A Southern Flair.  Madelyn is an event planner in Iowa and when I tell you she makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker with zero creativity, I mean it.  Madelyn continually awes me with her boundless energy and inspired ideas for making events look effortlessly pulled together and special, not to mention beautiful.  Her attention to detail is truly remarkable.  Madelyn is a Southern girl to the core and believes in the lost art of hospitality. You'll see this in her blog.  

And there you have it!  A trifecta of blogs for you to check out.  I hope your week shapes up to be fabulous.

See you swoon,