Craftastic Pinterest Ideas for the weekend

Well, lucky for us the rain will be back just in time for the weekend.  Boo Hoo!  I have been looking for smaller projects that I can do while stuck in the house to keep me from losing my mind waiting for my friend the sun to make another appearance (probably just in time for me to go back to work and sit in the office!).

Here are some ideas I gathered from Pinterest that won't break the bank and will keep me from tearing a room apart and starting an insane project that I haven't thoroughly thought out yet. 

Well this one is not really a craft but I need to do this.  Anyone ever attempted re-tipping their heels?  Looks easy enough:

I haven't painted anything in a while and I like the idea of using the billions of frames I already own, painting and distressing them and making a picture gallery in my den :)

Perhaps make some soap dispensers with mason jars, how fun!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Or make my own Myer's hand soap!  I love this stuff!

What I will probably end up doing is building a couple upholstered headboards, cheers to this!  Finally, my room will feel grown up and the guest room will feel more inviting. Stay tuned next week, I hope to have new pictures for you!

Have you done any easy crafts lately?  Send them on over and share with us!

See you swoon,


  1. That mason jar soap dispenser would look so cute in my half bath. Hmmm...

    I also love that wall gallery of distressed frames. I am a sucker for anything distressed!

  2. I wear down my heels so badly on every pair I need to let me know how to do that one!!