Spring has arrived!

Before I get into my post I wanted to give you an update on our new posting schedule.  Shanna and I have decided to post three times a week rather than every day.  The decision to do this is mainly to give us more time to work on projects around the house and bring you really great detailed posts and tutorials on everything we do.  Be sure to pop in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to visit us!
Now that it's SPRING (yes can you believe it) I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some of the outfits I have been pining over on Pinterest.  Of course they came from Pinterest because I cannot keep myself off of that site and they have outfits and accessories already assembled for you, gotta love that!

Loving this flowy, airy top and wedges!  Welcome back sandals!

After I found the outfit above I checked out the blog that was tied to it saying 17 outfits for spring called It's Written on the Wall and found outfits that are totally my style so thank you to this blogger for making this so easy for me!  I actually found that if you go to Pinterest and type in Stacy Gustin there are the most drool worthy outfits for this season for you to pin and find through Polyvore.  So, SO excited about this!

Check these out:
The cuffed jeans and blazer make this outfit look casual and classy at the same time:

White jeans?  Yes please:

Source: polyvore.com via Amy on Pinterest

And this adorable polka dot top and more wedges!

This dress and jean jacket are adorable together

I am starting to think I need more blazers in my life.  This look is so pulled together and the pops of yellow make the outfit really stand out:

I could go on and on!  Go check out this pinner, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Are you ready to break out the spring wardrobe?  What are some staples you plan to add to your closet this season?

See you swoon,

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  1. I'm so excited that sandal/flip flop season is approaching! I love my white jeans and am always looking for more tops to wear with them. I'm also digging the denim jacket and dress look. I have the perfect jacket and just need a few dresses. I would love some ideas ;)