An Unstoppable Rebel Force

{My friend Colleen knows exactly what I am talking about}

That's me.

I have been going on a total spending bender lately.  This is bad.  Really bad.  And it's not even house stuff, which I can always justify spending money on, because, well, it's "for the house".  No no no, I have been spending money on me: clothes, shoes, pretty things.  I think it started when Jamie and I went to Lancaster for the weekend.  It had been a really long time that I went shopping for clothes for myself.  I've also lost some pounds this year, which was a goal of mine.   Honestly, this weight loss has made me feel amazing about myself - such a nice confidence booster, especially when others tell me they see it (and so do I). And with that, I unleashed my inner varsity shopper.  She's been lurking for years and now she is out and oh man.  Unstoppable Rebel Force.

I thought I'd share what I've been buying.  Care to see?

First thing's first, my friends.  I present: my new shoes by the amazing Manolo Blahnik:

I have a pair of Manolos already - a basic black pump. Yes, the are expensive. But, they are worth every red cent. I wear heels every single day to work (hello: I'm 5'1").  Manolos are super comfortable: like butter on your foot.  I am not exaggerating. I wanted a new pretty pair and found these gorgeous pinky colored slingbacks with patent cap toe and quilting.  They are divine.

Now for the clothes!

I've been buying more feminine things: dresses, skirts, etc.  I started to get into a rut of wearing work pants and a top  And while that is super easy and totally fine, I realized it was starting to affect me a bit.  Fact is, I feel better about myself when I'm wearing something pretty.  I've also come to realize that wearing a dress is quite possibly the easiest way to look put together and polished: grab dress, grab shoes, grab jewelry = instant sophistication and very little work to make it look good.  Here are some dresses I bought:

And finally: my new skinny jeans! I have found that Gap jeans fit me best, so that's what I go with.  I was psyched to get their Always Skinny jeans, which are available in a mid-rise.  Yay.

And there you have it!  A little tour of my shopping excursions of late.  I am taking a break for awhile from shopping ... at least until Spring when I look at my closet and realize I have *nothing* to wear.  Ha.  What about you? Found any lovelies lately? Please share!

See you swoon,


  1. Love it all. Seriously jealous of those shoes, but at least you balanced it with a NY&CO dress, right?

  2. Shopping is good! You look amazing and you totally deserve it :)