Wishing Wells: yay or nay?

Chances are, you have been to a shower where there was a wishing well.  These are a surprising source of controversy: are they useful and fun or old-fashioned and wasteful?

Wishing wells are a great idea in theory, but one problem we see is that most brides and grooms register for everything these days - including things that were once thrown into the wishing well.  We suggest those hosting a shower consider a more modern approach.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Wine. This is a great idea for a wine lover.   Ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine for the bride and groom.  In the invitation, include a small card with ribbon and ask the guest to write her wishes for the happy couple and tie it to her bottle of wine and bring it to the shower.  The bride and groom will love reading all of the "toasts" as they crack open each bottle.  To package up the wine and to make for easy transport home, ask the wine store for a cardboard case for wine and keep the inserts.  Wrap the box with pretty paper, and you're good to go.

2.  Christmas ornaments. If the shower is held in the few months before or even after Christmas, ask each guest to bring an ornament for the bride & groom's first Christmas tree.  Like the wine bottles above, ask each guest to write a little note or wish to the couple and attach it to the ornament, so the bride knows who gave her which one.

3.  Recipes. Love this twist: send a blank recipe card with the invitation and ask each guest to bring her favorite recipe for the bride.  The host provides a recipe box so the bride can begin her collection.

Where do you fall on the great wishing well debate? Yay or nay? What do you think of the more modern twists to the concept?

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