Signature Wedding Details: CANDY BUFFETS!!!!

I would like to make this perfectly clear, I am in love with candy(I hope my mom is not reading this, otherwise I am going to get an earful about my cavities as a child). By now I am sure most of you have had the pleasure of attending an event that had one of these amazing buffets or at least heard about them and are just waiting for the day you get to experience this for yourself! I could go on and on about how much your guests will love them, and how they will take you back to your childhood as you circle the table and fill your container or containers with lots of treats that will last for a week!

Amy Atlas is an event planner that I absolutely love. She makes candy& dessert tables that are to die for, they are seriously a work of art...almost too pretty to eat.  I highly recommend checking out her website and blog, I guaranty you will start to drool.     

Candy buffets are a great way to express your style by using candy color themes and dressing up the table with beautiful containers wrapped in gorgeous labels with attractive fonts.  Have fun with this, a candy buffet will be the greatest favor you ever give (OK well that may be stretching it a little but you will love it, I promise).

Honestly?  Does life get any better than this?  So what do you think, are you over the candy and dessert buffet craze or do you still love them?

See you swoon,

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