What Would Jamie Wear: Summer Outfit

Maybe it is the sweltering summer heat that makes me feel like I have NOTHING to wear but I have been online building massive shopping bags lately that could make my wardrobe everything a girl could ever ask for.  OK, well let's be honest, even after buying the next greatest outfit there will be one to follow that, it is a vicious, vicious circle yet so enjoyable.

I did make a little trip to Anthropologie this weekend, I know Anthropologie, are you really surprised though?  I will have to show you what I bought once they have the top on their site but in the meantime I will share the next outfit on my wishlist.

The top is from Anthropologie (since I was just there of course).  The jeans are by Hudson, yes they are white but I just cannot resist even though technically the season to wear white pants is so short, rules were meant to be broken and I fully intend to do this.  The shoes believe it or not are Clarks and are so comfy and stylish, ladies you know how hard a pair of shoes like this is to find!!

So what do you think, does this outfit work or does it miss the mark?  I would love to hear what you think.

See you swoon,

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  1. This outfit looks awesome. I could see you wearing it. You know I will rarely discourage a purchase. Hmm ... isn't your birthday coming up?