Swoon-Worthy Pros: Lisa Levine Photography

Life is pretty funny sometimes.  I met Lisa, of Lisa Levine Photography, at a place where we both used to work.  We have both since moved on, but we became friends and (of course) Facebook friends, too.  I was checking out her page and when I stumbled upon her photos, I was blown away -- especially by the pictures she took of her relative's wedding.  They were so professional-looking.  Soon thereafter, I saw her at a mutual friend's wedding, and we got to chatting about her talent for and love of photography.  She said she dabbled in photography but was hoping to do more with it.  A short while later, Lisa Levine Photography was born.

We recently referred Jamie's friend, Julia, to Lisa for her wedding photography.  Lisa photographed Julia's wedding back in June, and her photos are unbelievable.  The bride and groom were beyond thrilled with the shots she got, and Lisa was effusive about the experience as well.  You can read more about it on her blog here.

As you can see from the photos, Lisa is truly talented.  She is the type of photographer that brides and grooms love: laid back, deferential to the wishes of her clients, yet strong willed enough to speak up when she knows something will (or will not) work.  She's delightful to be around: super fun and cool.  Check out her photos and her blog if you have a chance!  We're lucky to be able to feature a bunch of Lisa's photos in upcoming posts, from the wedding mentioned above to a fun project that Jamie and I took on back in the Fall. Stay tuned.

Need a photographer reference? Let us know! We know several who we'd recommend in a heartbeat for every budget out there.

See you swoon,

{all photos courtesy of Lisa Levine Photography.  And I should mention that Lisa has not paid or otherwise perked us to blog about her today.  She's fab and we love her!}

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  1. Lisa was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All of her photos were more than I could ever ask for. She was able to capture every moment perfectly (and even dealt very well with some of the not-so-normal pictures we asked her to take)... now if I could just make some time to get together with her about a photo album the whole thing would be complete!