Jamie's Favorite Magazines

Food shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, however, I love when I get a new magazine whether it is a Women's Health magazine, Lucky, People....oh right, and the endless supply of wedding magazines (I am still shopping for wedding dresses).   It amazes me how much this excites me to get home and sit on the couch with my new magazine...and my laptop so I can check out all the new websites that I read about.

Now that I have been talking about "what Jamie would wear" I want you to see two of the magazines that really bring me joy and inspiration.

This magazine and website are AWESOME!  They give you everything from new trends to style advice and the sites that they love.  It really is fun to browse what they have created online and they have a blog too!  Check them out at www.luckymag.com.

Ahhhhhh the style watch, LOVE THIS!  People is not a magazine I always gravitate to unless I see a cover like this.  It is all about finding items that are beautiful and unique and for the most part very budget friendly.

I do not think I could forgive myself if I did not mention a wedding magazine.  Actually the best part about this one s that it is not just weddings, it will carry you through all aspects of life.  Everything from home & organizing, beauty advice, recipes and entertaining, and of course lots of shopping and advice on weddings!!  Check this one out, I know you will fall in love with it.  Real Simple at www.realsimple.com.

What are some of your favorites?

See you swoon,

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