What I Wore {post 54}

Friday! I love Friday.  I also love pizza.  And treats.

* Pink Pants, Polka-dot Shell, Taupe Ruffle Cardigan *

This was a kind of fun outfit.  I wore my pink pants, which are kind of Spring/Summery but made them more appropriate for Fall with the taupe cardigan and shell.  I think it worked.

* Grey Mini-Skirt, Grey Tights, Wine Sweater *

Just like the above title says, I wore a grey mini-skirt (from Loft outlet) with a wine colored sweater. I like that color combo a lot.  The shoes weren't my favorite (they're suede pumps) but I didn't like the look of boots either.

* Cream Sweater, Skinny Jeans, Booties *

Wearing booties is a tricky proposition, at least for me.  I think wearing them with skinny jeans/pants or leggings or a flouncy skirt is the answer.  I wore this outfit on a Friday at work.  It was fun.  I loooove this top from the Gap.  Ivory is my color.  And it's a shade of white. You all know how much I love white.

Have a terrific weekend, all! See you back here on Monday. 

See you swoon,

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