Autumn Porch

Hello! Autumn is in full swing around these parts, and I'm loving it, even though it took me awhile to let Summer go.  

One challenge in living in a townhome, versus a single family home, is the lack of outdoor space to decorate for the seasons.  I've kept things very sparse since I lived here, and only added a wreath at Christmas time.  No more!  I decided to spruce things up this Fall and bring in some pretty Autumn accents.  Here's my front porch after I bought some fun Fall decor:

As you can see, there isn't much space to work with.  I decided to use the far end of my steps.  And rather than go with a lot of orange or red, I brought in a lot of white with pops of orange instead.

The black urns and pots are from Home Depot.  They look so nice, but they're very inexpensive.  I bought a white mum, white pumpkin and orange pumpkin from Home Depot too.  The pretty little berries under the white pumpkin are fake and are from Joann's.  

The wreath is also from Joann's.  I made it myself.  I wanted something simple but Fall-like and all of Joann's pre-made wreaths were extremely expensive.  I grabbed a grapevine wreath and some Fall garlands (everything was on sale for 50% off - yay) and just used my glue gun to make it work.  Not bad!

Now here's hoping I can keep these pretty white mums alive!  What about you? Do you decorate for Fall?    And is it just a matter of watering the mums every day or so to make sure they don't die?  

See you swoon,

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