Little Tweaks Around the House

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  Recently, I took advantage of the not-so-beautiful weather and a completely free schedule and did a bunch of lingering little projects around the house.  These projects have been staples on my "to do list" for a very long time - I just kept putting them off.  I decided to rectify that by making my list be all about them.  Here's a round up.

Basement Lamp Redo

I've had this lamp for years and it's sat in its current state.  I bought it, along with a huge haul of stuff, from a former neighbor who was moving across the country.  I blogged about its twin a few years ago.  But this one has sat.  I knew it needed a fresh coat of paint and a new harp and shade, and once I did those things, it would go in the kids' playroom.  Here it is before:

I wanted a different look for this lamp, so I painted it white (shock - I know - shock).  I used regular paint and primer, since the weather was not conducive to spray paint.   I used one coat of oil based primer and two top coats of off the shelf white.  Here's a (blurry) action shot taken by my 6 year old photographer:

I bought a new harp for about $5 at Lowe's.  And the shade is a clearance buy from Target.  I normally do not gravitate toward dark colors, but the wall is white, the console table is going to be a light color and I thought the black shade tied in nicely with the navy sofas and eventually when I get around to it, with the black frames that will go on the wall.  Here's the after - the former southwest vibe lamp looks a little more like a cottagey basket with the white:

Locking Casters on Work Table 

I shared my plans for this table back in my big before & after workroom/storage room reveal.  I measured the feet on the console table and then went to Home Depot and found the right sized locking casters for the legs.  I wanted locks because I use the table when I use my saw sometimes, and I figured it was a safer idea to have a table that wouldn't roll when I did.  Installing the casters was simple in theory ... but the project was a doozie.   Here's the table before.

I bought four locking casters ...

and four T-bolts:

I should have taken pictures, but I didn't.  First thing I did was measure how long the bolt was on the casters.  Then I measured my drill bit and marked off the length with some tape, so I knew how far to drill.  I drilled to that length and then tapped the t-bolts into place.  Then I simply screwed in the casters into the t-bolts and voila!  Turned the table over ... and done!

But, a moment of silence please.  My trusted Black and Decker drill, circa 1998, died in the process.  I am not sure what happened, but it died.  This little friend has seen me through three apartments, two homes and one townhome and 16 years.  I had another drill waiting in the wings, but I'm sad that this one has bit the dust.  Farewell, dear Black and Decker drill.  Fare thee well.  

Cord Control

I hate cords.  I really do.  I do everything I can to hide them from sight.  So, the cords in my room and Big Kid's room have made me crazy for months.  I've had those plastic cord covers that run along a baseboard for awhile and just needed some time to get to it.  I also bought a couple more extension cords to make the job easier.

My room:

Here are the offending areas in my room:

And here they are now.

Big Kid's room:

Big's room just needed the cords corralled near the nightstand.  Here they are before:

and here they are now.

Much better.  

Living Room Rug Switcheroo

My living room rug has made me a little crazy.  It is the zig zag rug from the old house.  I love the look, but it's not very practical.  Still ... I have managed to live with it, and I really do like how it breaks up the not so great grey carpet in this space.  I've got plans to switch out the current pillows for a softer palette, so now seemed like a good time to get a new rug.  I wanted something soft and cozy and something that would tone down all the blue undertones in the wall color (something that the grey carpet accentuates).  Rugs USA to the rescue!  I found a gorgeous Moroccan diamond shag rug for a great price (they are always having such amazing deals), so I bought it.  I love it. I love the color and the style and the look.  And the feel.  It is like soft kittens on the softest cloud.  And maybe those kittens are with the softest lambs.  And everyone is wrapped in cashmere and velvet.  That soft.  
Here's the old rug in place in an older photo:

and here's the new!

I moved the zig zag rug to the playroom under Little Kid's art table.  

Hall Light Switcheroo

Finally, I tweaked the upstairs hallway light.  The lighting in this home is really not my favorite, but I recognize there isn't much I can do about it.  I decided that an easy, cheap fix for the problem was to switch out the glass globe to make the light a bit more my style.  

Here it is before: 

And here it is now!  I found the white glass globe at Lowe's for about $5.  It's so much better, both aesthetically and functionally - now we aren't blinded when the light is on.  

Whew!  There you go.  All told, these little tweaks took only a few hours.  And they've happily freed up space on the to do list for new, other things!  Those include: updating the kitchen a bit, refinishing my jewelry box, updating the half bath, painting the playroom furniture, hanging pictures in the playroom ... the list goes on and on and on.  

See you swoon,

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  1. Wow, that lamp looks so much better white! I don't know why I've been in a real "paint things white" phase myself lately! We are too much alike. Also love that new rug!