Nantucket Red Skirt ... it's baaaaack!

Talk about a closet work-horse.  I bought my Nantucket Red skirt last summer after much consternation, and now I can't imagine my wardrobe without it! I've already gotten a year's worth of use out of it, but I wanted to keep going and create more fun looks with it.  Today is one of them.

I bought a "cactus flower" colored gingham blouse from Banana Republic.  I paid about $12 for it, because it was on sale, I had a promo code for 30% off and I had a $10 off reward.  Score!  The color looked pink online, but it's warmer and redder in person.  No matter - I think it looks great with the red skirt.  

What do you think?  I've got more ideas for this skirt, so stay tuned!  And have a great week :)

See you swoon,

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