What I Wore {post 19}

Happy Friday! Happy Labor Day weekend!  For the first time in my life, I am not ready to say farewell to Summer.  This one has been so fun and so busy and so so fast ... I need just another week. Or two.  Or maybe a month.  

Here's a round up of some of my recent outfits.

* Printed Top & Tan Pants *

It was hot - crazy hot - the day I wore this.  I wanted something light and easy, and this fit the bill.  The top was a steal (seriously - I think maybe $3 on clearance) from the Banana Republic outlet and the pants are from the Ann Taylor outlet.  This outfit is memorable because during lunch with my colleagues, a piece of ice fell down the little slit in the neckline.  I am the epitome of grace.  

* Teal Top & Colorblock Skirt *

This skirt has proven to be a really great find.  I got it last Spring at TJ Maxx on clearance for something like $11.  I've worn it with a bunch of things, and this day I decided to wear my teal top from the Limited from a number of years ago.  It was humid, so I wore my hair wavy that day.  The wide belt is from Target from a few years ago too. 

* Navy Top & Blue Printed Skirt *

I got this skirt at Target in the Spring and loved the print. I've worn it a few times and hope I can get one more wearing before the weather turns.  Before, I wore it with a blue button-down, but the weather was much cooler.  This time, I wore my navy/lace detail tank from the Banana Republic outlet.  

Looks like someone got a hold of my camera, because this was the next picture in the bunch.  Love the polka dots. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend!  

See you swoon,

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