Sweat: May 2015 Workout Recap

Happy Monday!  Bah. While I'm not training for any races in particular right now, I am still swim-bike-running a lot, and I am still logging my workouts onto Training Peaks.  I figure this Summer I can do monthly recaps of what I've been up to, hopefully including some new adventures, consistent with my thoughts in the Rainbow Connection post.  So far, so good on that front!

Here's what I have been up to:

May 2015:

Swam: 4100 yards
Biked: 44.34 miles 
Ran:  65.94 miles

Yeah!  My loose plan for this Summer is to swim and bike at least once a week (and hopefully do both outside, either in the 50 meter pool or open water or bike on the trail), to run "longish" (i.e., between 6-10 miles) one day a week and then pepper in some easy runs or easy trainer bikes the rest of the week, with 1-2 rest days. So far that is working well.  I am also planning to try new things: trail running (I have my eye on a couple of places), long walks (done this month!), hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, and maybe taking myself to the range, dusting off the drivers and trying to hit a few.  

I've been running a little with my friend Tina this month.  We met last Fall when I emailed my running club about a race bib that my friend was selling.  Tina snatched it up, and we realized we were both training for Steamtown.  We really hit it off and have been friends ever since.  We are heading up to Lake Placid in July to volunteer at Ironman, to swim/bike/run the course and for her to sign up for IMLP 2016.  I will not sign up for IMLP 2016.  2015 and 2016 will be all about Boston training for me.  

Here are Tina and I after the NJ State Marathon. Our happy! zomg! smiling faces! belie the reality that we both had tough races that day.  

May 3 was the NJ Devilman race, which I raced in 2013 and again in 2014.  I was signed up to race it this year, but it was a week after the NJ State Marathon, and I was not in any place - mental or physical - to take on a triathlon.  So I went and cheered on Amy, who placed third in her age group!  A few friends from Ironman Lake Placid camp were racing as well. And Ryan Not Bryan, my Ironman Patronus, was there spectating as well.  We hung out the whole race and were both psyched to be watching and not competing.  Here are some pictures of Amy.

May was also all about new running gear.  I went back to my favorite ruby red Sauconys.  The blue Sauconys were OK, but they just didn't fit as well as my red ones.  

I also snagged two new running shirts (for $6 each!) at a booth at the NJ State Marathon expo.  They were freaking adorable.  One says "Lucky" with a simple shamrock.  The other, "O'Runner Girl" -- how perfect for me!?! 

I blogged about taking a nice long contemplative walk and literally being able to stop and smell the roses.  I wore my new trail runners and liked them a lot, even if I was walking and not running \.

The Friday before Memorial Day, I ran 6 miles at Peace Valley Park, which is one of my favorite places - ever - to run.  The run itself was great.  But I was more excited about my discovery after the run, when I stopped at the nearby 7/11 to grab a drink and realized that Gatorade was bringing back retired flavors from long ago, including my absolute favorite flavor ever: Lemon Ice.  !!!!!!  I need to go buy more.  

I biked on the trail - 25 miles.  And the highlight of that ride was my flat.  I got a flat on my front tire with about 2 miles left to go.  I stopped and changed that bad boy on my own.  And then, like a totally normal adult, I raised the tire over my head and shouted, "Look what I have done!!!!

I've done a bunch of open water swims, which always does my soul good.  The first one I did, I got a little nervous, just like last year, but thankfully at this point, I am no longer freaked at all about open water swimming.  I just swam and had no issues.  Yay.  I really love swimming in the open water.  I seek it out every chance I get.  

Finally, since it's apparently Summer in May, I have done a bunch of longish runs this month, including a 7 miler yesterday at 8:57 pace.  That makes me very happy.  Even if I have sweaty mean-face.  

Enjoy your week! Hopefully in my next monthly recap of workouts, I'll have a brand new experience to share.  
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