Finishing Up the Playroom

Talk about a long overdue project!  I hung pictures and pretty much otherwise finished up decorating the kids' playroom/my bike trainer room.  This room is on the lower level of my house, so it's completely out of sight and, therefore, easy to push to the side when it comes to decorating.  I spent an inordinate amount of time on my trainer in that room last year, so it's kind of sad that it took me until this point to finish it.  I could have enjoyed a much prettier room last year!

The big hold up was painting the furniture, which I finally did recently.  Then it was just a matter of making the time to finish up the space by hanging pictures and making the space feel cozy and homey. Sorry again for the iPhone photos.  

This is the view from my trainer.  Last year, it was a blank wall.  Now it's got a little art and some pictures and a few decorative items.  I bought a turntable thing for the TV too, so I can turn it when I'm on the trainer and the kids can move it back when they play their Wii or Playstation.  

And here's the bike itself.  I added a shelf (I had it and the brackets) and decided to display my race medals under it. 

Finally, here's a larger shot of the room. I did prints and art over the TV and like the way it turned out.  It makes the space feel finished! 

This only took a few hours on a rainy afternoon to knock out.  And with this space finished, next on the list is to work on Big Kid's room.  We are both excited to make some changes.
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