McTeaserson, Teaser.

That's me.  And that's this post today.

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately.  I have a bunch of posts almost ready to go, and I had one on open water swimming absolutely ready to go, but the cord that connects my scanner to the computer is broken, so I cannot upload pictures.  And those pictures are of me in a wetsuit, which I'm sure you know I am totally eager to share and which will change your life forever.  So the post waits until I get the cable.

In any event, I've been really busy lately: work, trips, kids, training (with an emphasis on the last two).  I promise - promise - to post more soon.  And in the spirits of my McTeaserson subject, here is a teaser of what's coming up on the blog this week and thereafter:
  • my recap of my scouting training weekend up in Lake Placid where my friends and I biked, ran and swam parts of the Ironman course to see if we are really going to do it;
  • a post on my newbie tips for open water swimming (which I had to put into practice during the above scouting/training weekend;
  • a wedding attire fashion show and request for help (that one will go live either tomorrow or Wednesday).  I need your help deciding what to wear to a wedding this coming weekend;
  • another way I wore my favorite Nantucket Red skirt;
  • triathlon v. road race showdown, and my thoughts on who takes the win in different categories;
  • summer running must-haves;
  • and of course, what I wore.
So stay tuned!  I am here and will be blogging again this week.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a baby giraffe.  Because who doesn't love them?

See you swoon ... I promise,

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