What I Wore {to the wedding!}

Happy Wednesday!  Happy last day of July! Can you believe it?

Last week, I asked for your help on deciding between two dresses that I thought about wearing to a wedding.  I couldn't decide.  Lots of people emailed me and ... the vote was evenly split!  Recall that I was deciding between these two dresses:  

Anthropologie Strapless Watercolor

Magenta Sheath Dress

I packed both of the dresses and ended up wearing ... neither!  At the last minute, I threw in my coral strapless silk dupioni dress that my mom made me and my Anthropologie beaded belt.  I did a fashion show for my friends, and the vote was unanimous: coral silk dress with beaded belt! And here I am.  [note:  My friends were in the picture, but I cropped them out because I don't like to put people's pix on the blog unless they give the OK].  

I love this dress! And the belt felt like it was meant for it.  The shoes are old and I've worn them with a ton of dresses. They're actually very comfy.  I wore my hair in a bun and simple gold jewelry.  

I liked my outfit for the rehearsal dinner too.  It was a recent purchase - the dress belonged to my daughter's friend's mom (got that?) and she posted it on an online consignment thing on Facebook.  It is a Loft dress and she was selling it for $15.  Wow!  I tried it on and loved it.  I paired it with my favorite j.crew bubble necklace.

There you go!  I feel like I punked out a little with the wedding outfit, but I truly thought it would be too warm to wear, so I ruled it out when I asked for advice on the blog.  I have another wedding in October and can't wait to put together something fun to wear.    

See you swoon,

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