Bench to Impress

The hunt is over!  Over I say!  I have been searching high and low for the perfect size coffee table/ottoman/bench/whatever-as-long-as-I-can-put-my-feet-on-it solution for my living room.  Everything I found was either too big, too small, too wide, too deep or too expensive.  Enter Craigslist. As usual.  Here is what I found: a vanity bench with the perfect dimensions and only $30 and the frame was already white.  Sold!  

Only ... look at that fabric.  Yuck.

But I'm no stranger to fabric projects, and I have done this before.  I just followed the same process I used in making an upholstered ottoman last year.   First, I took off the top of the bench.  Then I removed the fabric.  I was able to reuse the foam and just added double-thick batting and some extra fabric that I had on hand in my stash.  I tried a bunch of options but liked the simplicity of the coral the best.  And here she is!

Now all I need is a little tray for the top to hold drinks and such and I'm set.  Ahhhh ... I just love my little bench/ottoman. What do you think?  

See you swoon,

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