New Years eye candy to get you in the spirit

Happy New Year's Eve Eve everyone!  I hope you all have plans to be with friends or family to celebrate and watch 2012 roll in.  The new year always brings such excitement and promise of fun new things and a fresh start, I can say that I am looking forward to this new year more than words can say.

Before I leave you for the long weekend (yay!) I wanted to give you some New Year's Eve Eve eye candy to swoon over :)

Love these nails, so fun!

I am going to my friends annual PJ party but if I was going out this would be my dress of choice:

Oooooor maybe this one:
Source: via debra on Pinterest

What a fun decoration idea:

This print is adorable (Shanna you could use this in your entry way in place of the Christmas one!):

I hope you all have a happy, healthy, start to the new year.  Lots of love from us here at Swoon Style Home!

See you swoon,