A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Mmmm, anyone around this week? My hunch is no! Most people are spending time with family and friends, making merry, shopping and returning, going to the movies and enjoying the last few moments of 2011.  I'm right there with you!  So today, I'll keep this short and sweet and share a few of my favorite blogs.  If you're not already reading them, you should be!

6th Street Design School

I love Kirsten's blog over at 6th Street Design School.  She is an interior designer who blogs once or twice a day with beautiful posts filled with inspiration.  Sometimes she posts rooms she is working on for clients.  Sometimes she posts about rooms in her own home.   Often she will post Etsy roundups, which are so super cool.  And every Friday she does a Feature Friday where she features the home of someone else.  Her curtains in her living room are what inspired my own same curtains!  I saw the fabric and fell in love.

Life on Mars

Maury of Life on Mars has such a great blog!  She is one of our most frequent commenters here at Swoon, which we appreciate more than words can say. Her blog is filled with gorgeous decorating ideas, DIY projects and tons and tons of eye candy all infused with style and super hilarious humor.  I adore her blog!  

The Fat Hydrangea

I found Sara's blog, The Fat Hydrangea, when searching for ideas for my staircase: hers is ah-maz-ing.   Her home is so beautiful and a fixer-upper, so they have tons and tons of projects going on.  I love reading what she's up to ... and we seem to have a similar style with decorating, as she loves grey and white.  I cracked up when she posted her Christmas loot and most was for her home.  A girl after my own heart.  Check out her lovely blog!

The Foreign Domestic

And finally, I love love love Kirsten of The Foreign Domestic.  She's basically Superwoman -- she has a lovely home, takes amazingly beautiful photographs, posts drool-worthy recipes all the time and runs marathons!  That's plural ... marathonssssss.  She's an inspiration, and I truly enjoy reading what she has to say.  I know you will too!

The Foreign Domestic: Adventures of a New Housewife

And there you have it! A handful of blogs that I think you'll really enjoy.  What about you? What are some of your favorite blogs?  

See you swoon,
PS - need some more blogs to read?  We've already shared some of our faves back in the Summer during our mid-summer swoon week.  Here's a link to that post, which contains the URLs for Hi Sugarplum, The Glossarie, DIY By Design, Home Preferred and Richmond Thrifter.  Great blogs, one and all! 


  1. Thank you so much! You girls are so sweet. You're right, I do comment all the time because I love basically every project that either of you do! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I visited them all Shanna, love them, I'm always looking for great blogs!! You are the sweetest for always giving me a shout out!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and birthday!!!!!xoxoxo

  3. I'm here! Thanks for suggesting more reading material for me :)

  4. :) We're happy to share the bloggie love. You guys are the best! Happy New year!

  5. Aww Shanna thank you so much! I was so surprised to see this as i was reading through your blog, and it absolutely made my day! I love your site as well :) It's one of my new favorites too!!